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tesla commercial

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    Video: Amusing Tesla fan-made commercial gives Nozzie the EV blues

    One thing you can say about Tesla Motors enthusiasts, they certainly seem a creative bunch of brand boosters. Since the California automaker started selling its electric vehicles, fan-made commercials have been plugging an advertising void – the company famously has yet to make a spot of ...

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    Video: Fan-made Tesla commercial imagines a Model S that's out of this world

    When you're a kid, anything is possible. With a bit of crayon, cardboard boxes can become helmets, or even space ships. All it takes is a bit of imagination. Replace that crude packaging with something as refined a Tesla Model S and that fantasy world can kick into overdrive. That's the premise ...

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    Video: Fan-made Tesla Model S commercial shines down "gallons of light"

    It's not subtle, but what commercial is? A new, one-minute video called Gallons Of Light does an expert job highlighting the invisible benefits of electric drive: getting energy from sunlight while roadtripping in a Tesla Model S. It may look and sound top-notch, but this is not an official ...

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    Tesla takes on oil-soaked Henry Ford

    Click above to watch the video
    We don't speak Swedish, but that's not getting in the way of our understanding a new commercial (watch it after the break) for Fortum, a Nordic energy company that highlights the Tesla Roadster. The imagery is pretty telling as it highlights the switch from the old ...


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