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    Breaking: Three Tesla workers injured in incident at Fremont factory

    Three workers at the Tesla Motors factory in Fremont, CA, were injured today by hot metal after the failure of a low-pressure aluminum coating casting press. Despite reports of a possible fire, we have confirmed that there was no fire at the plant (a live video feed of the facility shows no smoke ...

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    Video: Watch Tesla Model S get assembled, painted; find details of 'opportunity console'

    Tesla Motors is just a few days away from handing over Model S key fobs to the first batch of customers. Yes, the company already gave investor and board member Steve Jurvetson and CEO Elon Musk their Founder Series cars, but this time it's for reals. While we wait to watch the sleek sedans, ...

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    Tesla Motors buying Long Beach Boeing building?

    Might the corporate logo of the world's best known electric car maker one day grace the roof of the former "Home of the Boeing 717"? Despite sealed lips from officials, rumors abound that Tesla Motors has found a spot in Long Beach to build their all-electric Model "S". It seems 79 acres of prime ...

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    Tesla officially declares Albuquerque to be WhiteStar, USA

    The bidding war is over, and Albuquerque, New Mexico is now officially the location of the new WhiteStar electric sedan factory. This location is not a complete surprise, as we reported two days ago, but I'm sure folks in North Carolina and elsewhere are disappointed. The WhiteStar plant will ...

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    New Mexico official reportedly preparing for Tesla to open factory in Albuquerque

    digg_url = ''; A report in the Albuquerque Tribune says a PR official from the state's economic development office is drafting a news release announcing that Tesla will build its first plant in ...

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    Tesla close to deciding on a location for new factory

    The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that the first Silicon Valley based car-maker is close to selecting a location for a factory to build their second model (WhiteStar). By early March they are expected to choose between two sites with one being the East Bay city of Pittsburg. They are looking ...

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    Tesla WhiteStar plant coming to ... somewhere in America

    Michigan may have received the nod for Tesla's new Technical Center, but the location of the factory where future Tesla models will be built remains unknown. According to the Greensboro News-Record in North Carolina, the town of Alamance has been offering itself up like a, well, like a place ready ...


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