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    Report: Tesla rockets to $259 a share on Morgan Stanley, Consumer Reports announcements [w/video]

    Remember way back when we mentioned that Tesla's Gigafactory for batteries might prove to be a good investment opportunity, with its potential to bring cell prices down to a level that could make the forthcoming Tesla Model E affordable, not to mention attractive for massive amounts of renewable ...

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    Official: Tesla Motors stock breaks $200 mark for first time

    It seems not that long ago that the air had been let out of Tesla Motors high-flying stock price. The company didn't adequately thrill the market when it disclosed its third-quarter 2013 financial results last November and TSLA price plummeted quickly enough to trigger a temporary halt to short ...

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    Read This: Tesla says Model S fire triggered by 'highly uncommon occurrence' [w/video]

    By now, you've seen the Tesla headlines, read the reports that its stock dropped (it's now bounced back somewhat), and maybe even discussed the Model S fire with friends and coworkers. But there is now some more official information to share. Yesterday, in addition to publishing emails between ...

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    Report: Tesla shares hit yet another record high at $180

    As fantasy football players will probably know, the sports media industry is figuring out how to get algorithms to automatically "write" articles based on data sets and some sort of phrase generator. We're still real people here at Autoblog, but when it comes to yet another post on how Tesla ...

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    'Teslanaires' getting rich off of TSLA, but there are risks, too

    Those who've sold Tesla Motors (TSLA) shares for a million or more in gains belong to a new exclusive club, the "Teslanaires" club. If you've been following the stock price, you know this has been a great year to own those shares – since May of this year, after first quarter earnings were ...

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    Official: Tesla joining NASDAQ-100 July 15, booting off Oracle

    The meteoric rise of Tesla Motors' stock this year has not only raised a bunch of money for the company and paid off its debts, it's also about to help push the stock into the rarefied NASDAQ-100. The news out today is that TSLA will join the NASDAQ-100 Index, a listing of the 100 largest ...

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    Report: Tesla raises $1 billion as stock climbs; predictions have it at $200 (or $37) *UPDATE

    Despite the company's recent string of successes, there's still a lot of skepticism about Tesla out there. Some of the negativity focuses on the lack of recharging infrastructure, some on the company's expensive cars and how it'll be difficult to make a mass-market car. And when it comes to the ...

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    Report: Tesla selling new stock, debt worth $830m in order to pay off DOE loan

    Anyone paying attention to the electric vehicle scene for the last few weeks knows that the stock value of Tesla Motors has been climbing faster than a SpaceX rocket. As of this writing, TSLA is sitting pretty at $92 a share. Three weeks ago, it was at a then-record-high of $53. In light of all ...

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    Official: Tesla stock reaches record high, brushes $53

    Tesla Motors shares hit a record high Tuesday morning, reaching almost $53 a share in NASDAQ trading before leveling off slightly to about $51 as of late this afternoon Eastern time. Tesla touched $52.92 shortly after the markets opened on Tuesday. Shares for the company, which went public at $17 ...

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    Tesla stock gets a serious downgrade amid EV skepticism from Morgan Stanley

    Where is Tesla Motor's stock headed? Morgan Stanley thinks the answer is down, down, down. Or, at least, less "up" than previously thought. Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas seriously downgraded his expectations of the TSLA stock from $70 down to $44. That's still up from the current rate of ...

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    Report: Tesla Motors stock boosted to "overweight" status by JPMorgan

    On the eve of the Tesla Model S ride out in sunny California, analysts at JPMorgan Chase upped Tesla's stock (NASDAQ ticker symbol: TSLA) rating from "equal weight" to "overweight," boosting the automaker's status above most competitors in the automotive industry. Tesla stock is around $23.99 ...

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    Tesla posts record revenue of $58 million in 2nd quarter, stock price plummets

    On Wednesday, Tesla Motors, the U.S.-based electric automaker partially backed by Toyota and Daimler, announced second-quarter revenue of $58 million, marking the firm's highest reported revenue in a single quarter to date. In a conference call with analysts, a geeked Elon Musk, Tesla's chief ...

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    Tesla to raise $234 million to get Model X CUV ready for 2013

    Electric automaker Tesla Motors says that it expects to raise $234 million through a secondary public offering of its shares at $28.76 per and a private placement. The $234 million is significantly more than previously anticipated and will fund the development of the Model X – the ...

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    Tesla seeking $214M for development of Model X SUV

    Electric automaker Tesla Motors is looking to raise up to $214 million through a secondary public offering of its shares and a private placement to fund development of the Model X – the battery-powered CUV due in late 2013ish. Tesla hopes to raise $158.5 million through a public offering ...

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    In new SEC filing, Tesla says Model S is on track, Daimler orders more Smart ED parts, and 1,650 Roadsters have been delivered

    Tesla Motors released its latest SEC filing today, and there was good news and more news for the first quarter of 2011. First, the company had revenues of $49 million, up 35 percent from the previous quarter's $36.3 million. This makes 2011 Q1 Tesla's most profitable quarter ever, even though ...

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    Tesla shares skyrocket on Morgan Stanley's "overweight" rating

    Throughout the morning and into the early afternoon hours, shares of Tesla Motors (TSLA) skyrocketed after Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jones upgraded the automaker's rating from "equal weight" to "overweight." Jones, in what almost seems like an April Fool's Day-ish sort of prank, set a price ...

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    Seeking Alpha says consider passing on Tesla stock

    Back on November 11th, 2010, shares of Tesla Motors soared to $29.36, leading JPMorgan Chase analyst Himanshu Patel to say, "we are bullish on Tesla Motors as we believe it is at the vanguard of improving battery costs/durability." However, Motley Fool's Travis Hoium disagreed with Patel's ...

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    Prediction: Tesla shares will hit $50 by 2014

    Tesla Motors, the U.S.-based electric automaker partially backed by Toyota and Daimler, let 13.3 million shares loose in its IPO back in June of 2010. The opening price of $17 per share may have been higher than anticipated but, within a day, the stock was trading at $23.89. In November of last ...

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    Report: Tesla Motors share price drops as IPO lock-up period ends

    Tesla Motors (TSLA) shares were hammered hard near the end of last week and are still dropping as word of the expiration of a 180-day post-IPO lock-up agreement continues to make the rounds. Starting today, 75 million Tesla shares, which had previously been subject to a lock-up agreement ...

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    Motley Fool says consider selling Tesla stock before it's too late

    Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image gallery
    On November 11th, shares of Tesla Motors shot up to $29.36; a 73 percent increase over its IPO price. The previous day, JPMorgan Chase analyst Himanshu Patel, wrote "we are bullish on Tesla Motors as we believe it is at the vanguard of ...


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