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    Report: New Jersey will let Tesla continue selling EVs until April 15

    Tesla sales in New Jersey were supposed to end today, following the state legislature vote a few weeks ago to pull Tesla's sales license there. At the eleventh hour, though, Gov. Chris Christie's administration has extended the deadline to April 15. The specifics of the situation are that the New ...

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    Opinion: Why dealerships should embrace Tesla's direct sales competition

    National and regional dealership associations have it in for Tesla Motors. For the past few years the organizations have been pushing lawmakers – to whom, it bears mentioning, they have made generous financial contributions – for legislation that would make it difficult for the ...

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    Report: Tesla says Chris Christie's move is 'affront to the very concept of a free market'

    Tesla has a special history with the state of New Jersey, having delivered the 500th Roadster there in 2009. Fast forward to 2014, though, and the electric vehicle company is having a decidedly less-positive experience in the Garden State. In short, Tesla's ongoing dealer fight has turned sour, ...

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    Geneva: Tesla will expand Supercharger network across Europe

    It's not as exciting as a new concept vehicle, but Tesla came to the Geneva Motor Show with its own bit of news: Europe will soon get more Superchargers, more Tesla stores and more service centers. More of the company's fast-charging stations means it'll be even easier for continental Model S ...

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    Report: NY Gov. Cuomo in favor of revived anti-Tesla store legislation

    When we last left the New York auto dealers and their fight against Tesla Motors, there scene was an uneasy ceasefire. The New York State Assembly and its backers from the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association said last summer that they would allow the three currently operating Tesla ...

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    Report: Pro-Tesla Motors petition asks White House for direct-sales permission

    In what could be an important step in taking Tesla Motors' fight with various state auto dealer organizations nationwide, a grassroots petition is calling on the White House to let Tesla Motors sell cars directly to customers. The petition was started by a "K.S." in Stow, MA (CNET identifies him ...

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    Report: NY dealers try to make it illegal to register a Tesla EV

    Following his big battery swap reveal in California Thursday night, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is turning his eye to New York. That's where a new tactic by the local auto dealers could put a damper on Tesla's electric-vehicle success story. "Just heard that NY auto dealers are sneaking through a ...

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    Report: North Carolina targets Tesla, considers banning direct-to-consumer sales

    North Carolina is the latest state to line up against Tesla Motors by proposing a bill that would bar direct automaker-to-customer sales within the state, the Raleigh News & Observer reports. Still, Tesla says plans to open a showroom there and has sold about 80 cars to North Carolina ...

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    Official: Tesla sends CEO to Texas to defend direct-to-customer electric vehicle sales

    Tesla is no stranger to strong resistance, shall we say, from auto dealers to its unusual method of selling the all-electric Model S in certain parts of the US. A lawsuit by the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association was thrown out late last year, but it was later appealed. Tesla has ...

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    Report: Coda's LA store is closed, re-opening "soon" as a Tesla shop

    Troubled EV car maker Coda has closed its Los Angeles showoom. In a twist that you're welcome to read meaning into, the space in the high-traffic Westfield Century City shopping center will re-open "soon" as a showroom for ... Tesla Motors. According to the business magazine LA Observed, Los ...

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    Report: NADA asking to meet with Tesla over retail store legal questions

    In this case, NADA certainly doesn't mean "nothing." The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), which represents 16,000 new-vehicle dealers, is looking to meet with executives at Tesla Motors over the company's decision to have only company-owned dealerships and no franchised sales, ...

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    Report: Lawsuits filed against Tesla stores in NY, MA

    Questions about the legality of Tesla selling its electric vehicles in its own retail stores have been floating around since the days of the Roadster. Last week, the recent wranglings between auto dealer associations and Tesla stores in New York and Massachusetts were moved along in courts of ...

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    Tesla opening three new stores in North America

    Tesla is continuing its retail expansion with three new locations set to open over the course of November. This weekend marks the opening of the Bellevue Square center in Washington, followed by Oakbrook Center in Chicago on November 12th and a Fashion Island store in Newport Beach, California on ...

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    Tesla whips out $750 J1772-to-Roadster charging adapter

    Purchasing a $750 cable that measures all of four feet might seem ridiculous, but Tesla Roadster owners will probably have to fork over the dough. At least, they will if they want an automaker-supported device that enables charging of their $109,000-plus electric Roadster at all J1772-compliant ...

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    Tesla opens Milan store in style, Washington with spacey splash

    Tesla Roadster in front of Washington D.C. store
    Tesla Motors has just opened a pair of new retail stores on two differnet continents. That's number 16 and 17 for those of you keeping score at home. The upstart California company launched into the weekend in Washington D.C. with an emphasis on ...

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    Tesla learning new rules as retail stores expand into more U.S. states

    Any AutoblogGreen reader who lives by a Tesla Motors store – or goes near one on vacation – has probably set foot inside and experienced the high-tech, open sales boutique (oh, and the cars). While the eight stores currently open across the U.S. do a fine job of showing off the ...

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    Tesla hires former Apple retail strategist to revolutionize buying experience

    Tesla has, if nothing else, crafted a unique automobile in the Roadster. It's electric, very attractive and highly desirable. Up next, assuming all goes according to plan (a rather big assumption, granted), the Model S sedan will be equally special in the global automotive marketplace. Such ...

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    Tesla rolls out revamped website featuring new galleries, specs and much more

    Tesla Roadster - Click above to view Tesla's revamped website
    Tesla has grabbed a lot of headline attention lately, and rightly so. From the momentous IPO offering a few days back, to Tesla shares jumping 40 percent in day one of trading, to the newly redesigned Roadster and even that ...

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    Newest Tesla Motors store opens in Münich today

    Tesla store in LA pictures - Click for complete gallery
    Tesla Motors continues its exploration of the Old Continent with a new shop open in Münich, Germany, today (Thursday, Sept. 10th), right before the introduction of the Tesla Roadster Sport model. The shop opens its doors after the first ...

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    Fresh from NYC: pictures of Tesla Motors's new store

    Tesla NYC story - Click above for high-res image gallery
    AutoblogGreen reader Lennon went down to the opening of the new Tesla Motors store in New York City today and sent us a series of pictures so that those of us who were not able to check out the Apple-like showroom and fancy fruit plates ...


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