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    Video: This time-travelling ad promotes every brand, and Tesla most of all

    This one's kind of a noodle-scratcher. Whatever Salesforce is – and it claims to be the "world's #1 CRM [Customer relationship management] app" – it does know how to pack a lot of brands into one video. And a strange one it is. The ad, available below, is a four-and-a-half minute ...

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    Video: Tesla Model X videos show "falcon-wing" doors in action, what it's like to ride inside

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, has the Internet come up with a formula for how much a video is worth? Whatever today's exchange rate is, we knew you'd like to see the brand-new Tesla Model X in action, so we rounded up some videos of the car from the unveiling last week so you can see ...

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    Video: Together at last: Tesla Model S and Roadster hit the road

    Tesla Roadster and Model S drive side-by-side – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Plug your ears and keep your eyes glued to the screen. What we present here is rare footage of a Tesla Model S and a Tesla Roadster side-by-side on a picturesque, chicane-filled road. The music, in ...

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    Video: Tesla Model S takes to the track

    What's better than pictures of a great looking car? Video of a great looking car in motion. Tesla has turned a trio of pre-production Alpha editions of the Model S loose on the track to perform a few quick laps. One big difference between this track footage and any you're likely to see from ...

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    PC Magazine tests the Tesla Roadster. Check out the video!

    What does Tesla Motors have in common with Personal Computers? A bit, I suppose, as the batteries that Tesla is using in the Roadster are lithium-ion, and similar (but on a much larger scale) to the batteries in laptop computers. Anything else? Why not watch the above video and find out what PC ...


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