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    Official: Tesla Uber alles in Shanghai
    EV Automaker, Ridesharing Company Giving Away Free Rides Next Week 1402840740

    Is anyone surprised that Tesla Motors is ready to disrupt the status quo even in little ways? If you are, then here's one more example: Tesla is partnering with Uber (which taxi drivers around the world are not happy with) in Shanghai to both give people free, 15-minute rides in the electric car. ...

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    Report: VW XL1 'only' gets 120 mpg in new test drive

    You've got to love this brave new world we're in, where getting 120 miles per gallon can be considered a disappointment. That's the upshot of an Automobile magazine test drive of the Volkswagen XL1 plug-in hybrid diesel, which the German automaker has said can get as much as 261 miles per gallon, ...

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    Report: What it's like to ride in the BMW i3 and i8 (in a word, great)

    To paraphrase the old Sally Field line from the Oscars: they liked 'em. They really liked 'em. With BMW set to unveil its first two plug-ins under its "i" badge within the next 12 months or so (the i3 is due in late 2013, the i8 in the first half of 2014), journalists from Car Magazine and UK's ...

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    Video: Self-driving Nissan Leaf controlled from iPad

    "Siri, drive me home." Okay, so it's not quite that simple (yet) but Oxford University is testing out a driverless version of the Nissan Leaf electric car using technology controlled from an Apple iPad on the dashboard. The car is guided by a low-cost navigation system that gauges its ...

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    Video: Consumer Reports kinda, sorta likes the electric-powered Fiat 500e

    Last month, Consumer Reports decidedly panned the Mitsubishi i after a test drive of the small electric vehicle. The magazine doesn't dislike everything little and battery powered, though, and was quite a bit kinder to the Fiat 500e, saying it is "actually kind of a cool little car." CR released ...

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    Report: BMW expands all-electric ActiveE testing in Leipzig

    Since too much information isn't exactly possible in some situations, BMW is continuing its electric vehicle user study in Leipzig, Germany. The automaker is working with TU Chemnitz (University of Technology) and Stadwerke Leipzig municipal utility to conduct an electromobility study with ...

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    Video: Courb C-ZEN impresses with looks, test drive

    Let's just say the Courb C-ZEN had a bit of a home-court advantage when Technologic Vehicles got to test drive the two-seat electric vehicle. The French EV was put through its paces at the Paris Motor Show recently, and the little car was apparently impressive. Technologic Vehicles said the ...

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    Report: GM "loans" Volts in Southern California to spur sales

    Think of it as an extended test drive. General Motors is looking to spur sales of its Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in hybrid in California by loaning hundreds of Southern California drivers Volts for as long as a week, Green Car Reports said, citing GM representative Shad Balch. Under ...

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    Renault stages colossal Kangoo Z.E, Fluence Z.E. test drive event in Portugal

    We drove 'em both at the 2011 Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Berlin, Germany earlier this year, and now it's the rest of the world's turn to strap in behind the wheels of the Renault Fluence Z.E. and Kangoo Z.E. electric vehicles in one of the largest and longest media events for a plug-in ...

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    Chevrolet Volt dealer demos arriving soon

    For some potential buyers interested in heading down to their local dealership to test drive a plug-in Chevrolet Volt, the wait is almost over. Chevy dealerships in the Volt's initial launch markets of California, Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia and ...

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    Journo experiences Volt's electric-to-hybrid transition, says it needs improvement

    Chevrolet Volt pre-production IVER prototype - click above for high-res image gallery
    We long ago had a chance to drive the Chevy Volt mule in all-electric mode, and more recently took a ride in the IVER (integration vehicle engineering release) version. We found the Volt's performance was rather ...

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    Trying out the new Insight in Spain at the EcoDesafĂ­o Honda Insight

    Click on image above to see a full gallery of the EcoDesafio Honda Insight in Barcelona
    The first generation the Honda Insight wasn't offered for sale in most European markets, including Spain. The Honda Civic hybrid is available here, but hasn't seen too many sales, in part because diesel is ...

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    Chevy Volt test drives: surprisingly good stuff in the Cruze bodies

    General Motors has begun doling out test drives of its Chevrolet Volt prototypes to the salivating media. AutoblogGreen is scheduled for some time behind the wheel in short order, but some bigger names have already written up their first impressions of the car. CNN's short version: Promising, but ...

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    Driven: Ronn Motor Company Scorpion, the world's first 'green' supercar

    Ronn Motor Company Scorpion - Click above for a high-res gallery
    Driving prototypes is practically useless. It's next to impossible to get a feel for what the production version is capable of and you rarely get a chance to explore the limits. Our time with the Ronn Motor Company Scorpion didn't ...

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    Aptera giving rides in the 2e at TED

    As it was for the original unveiling of the Aptera Mk-0 prototype back in March of '07, the TED conference will again be the venue for the unveiling of the latest iteration of the company's exercise in automotive efficiency, the 2e. This coming February 3rd in Long Beach, California, those folks ...

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    Le Figaro test drives Minister's 308 HDI hybrid

    Not long ago we learned about the French Minister of Environmental Affairs getting a hybrid Peugeot 308 HDI (diesel) for a test drive. One of France's most prestigious newspapers, Le Figaro, had the chance to test drive it and compare it to the Prius. The big question is how a diesel engine, known ...

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    Driven: 2009 Tesla Roadster v1.5

    Click above for high-res gallery of Tesla Roadster v1.5 Last January we landed an exclusive first drive of the Tesla Roadster. We were impressed, but well aware that the particular two-gear model we drove that wet afternoon wasn't identical to the version set to land in customers' hands later in ...

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    VIDEO: Danny's Contentment rides in the Tango, loves it!

    Our favorite British electric-car vlogger, Danny Fleet, came to America recently whilst on holiday and had the opportunity to not only see the Tango from Commuter Cars up close but also go for a ride. As is his wont, he took his video camera along and now we can all have a small taste of how it ...

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    In the AutoblogGreen Garage: 2008 MINI Cooper D [w/VIDEO]

    Click the MINI Cooper D for a high res galleryFor reasons such as imported oil dependency and environmental concerns, there are some people who think personal cars are evil and must be eliminated from our roads immediately. This sentiment is patently unrealistic, and there's no shortage of people, ...

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    Video of HCCI test drive

    We were there but we thought you might like to take a look at what Medialink saw at GM's coming out party for HCCI. The video includes some shots of the car driving around and interviews with the engineers. The idea behind HCCI is basically, kill the spark plug. It's not a new idea at all. I think ...


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