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    Official: Detroit Electric SP:01 electric Lotus project not dead yet

    Detroit Electric is still on board to produce the Lotus Exige-based SP:01 electric sports car, which has been delayed more than once already. According to the carmaker, the SP:01 prototype is currently undergoing testing at a facility in Europe, as we can see in the above photo provided by ...

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    Official: BYD's 40-foot electric bus passes federal government's strength tests

    One down, two to go. BYD, which hopes to start shipping its electric buses to US municipalities later this year, says its 40-foot electric bus has passed the US federal government's structural testing program in Altoona, PA. The Chinese company wants to start selling two other models in the US as ...

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    Report: Fleetwide CO2 improvement in EU might not be as good as it appears

    What, you expected European automakers to test their vehicle emissions levels on gravel roads in a wind storm? Charged with cutting CO2 emissions by more than 30 percent within the next seven years, automakers reduced fleetwide emissions by four percent last year. Of course, such automakers may ...

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    Official: Toyota takes i-Road tests to the streets of Tokyo

    OK, here's where we think those road tests will start to get a little scary. Those super-narrow all-electric three-wheeled Toyota i-Road vehicles may have looked great sashaying through the towns of the French Riviera. But now? They're being tested in Tokyo. Hoo boy. The Japanese automaker says ...

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    Report: BYD may be singing electric bus blues on testing, wage issues

    Omaha, we have a problem. BYD, the China-based vehicle maker that's about 10 percent owned by Warren Buffett ("The Oracle of Omaha") is facing questions about the reliability of electric buses that are targeted for use by the city of Long Beach, CA, after cracks were found in some of the buses' ...

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    Official: Toyota begins testing Segway-like Winglet in Japan [w/video]

    Toyota has just now started testing a two-wheeled Segway-like vehicle that it first trumpeted almost five years ago, but when the vehicle in question tops out at less then four miles per hour, these things do take time. Toyota's Winglet, which the Japanese automaker first announced to the world ...

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    Official: Renault says Zoe performance changes 'almost unnoticeable' in cold weather

    Here's something that should warm the hearts of electric-vehicle enthusiasts in cold-weather climes. Renault ran tests of its battery-electric Zoe in way-sub-freezing temperatures in Finland and found that the EV compromised little in the way of performance, the French automaker said recently on ...

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    Report: BMW testing electric-drive i3 in Northern Europe

    BMW has started testing its electric-drive i3 in Northern Europe, as the German automaker looks to gather more testing information on the model it may launch as early as next year, according to Green Car Reports. The company was testing the electric-drive prototype at its testing facility ...

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    Report: VW starts testing electric-powered Golf in California

    Volkswagen last week started testing a battery-electric version of its Golf hatchback in the San Francisco Bay Area as the German automaker looks to test about 20 of its so-called "Golf Blue-e-motion" vehicles on U.S. roads, said. VW, whose Electronic Research Laboratory is ...

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    GM-Volt founder stranded, learns why EVs take so long to bring to market

    MINI E - click above for high-res image gallery
    Over the last several years, many of the fans of battery-powered vehicles here on ABG have asked quite vociferously why it's taking companies like General Motors so long to bring cars like the Volt to market. Many of you seem to think you can ...

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    Chevy Volt heads to Pikes Peak to practice mountain climbing

    Chevrolet Volt prototype at Pikes Peak - click above for high-res image gallery
    One of the main concerns that many people have about the Chevy Volt is how well it will perform when running in charge sustaining mode with the engine-generator cranking away. While we haven't yet had an opportunity ...

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    REPORT: Tata Nano passes European crash testing

    2009 Tato Nano - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Tata Nano, the diminutive Indian four-door econobox rumored to eventually arrive in U.S. showrooms, has reportedly passed current European impact testing. According to Autocar, the offset front and side impact tests took place at the ...

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    Hybrids to get roll over testing for first time in 2008 model year

    Want to know a dirty little secret about the car industry? A lot of cars are not that different from other cars. I don't mean designs look the same, I literally mean many car brands are exactly the same cars (frame, engine, etc, etc) except for small differences in things like the interior design. ...

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    Martin Eberhard provides further details Tesla Roadster design changes

    Over on the Tesla corporate blog CEO Martin Eberhard has put up a post elaborating on some of the design changes to the Roadster that led to its weight gain in going from first prototypes to validation prototypes and on to production. In developing new cars most companies today do a lot of ...

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    Bad news from Tesla: Original range target won't be met!

    digg_url = ''; In a letter sent out to their first batch of 380+ customers a few days ago Tesla Motors has some bad news. They will be coming up a little short on their original 250 mile range ...

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    Canadian government buying converted EVs for evaluation

    The Canadian transport ministry is buying electric vehicles converted by Hybrid Technologies, Inc for testing and evaluation. Hybrid Technologies will convert a Chrysler PT Cruiser and a Smart ForTwo to be powered by electric motors and lithium batteries. The cars are part of the Advanced ...

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    Tesla Roadster spotted on the road in England

    A Tesla Roadster has spotted on the road in the vicinity of Hethel, England, which should come as no surprise to anyone. Hethel is the home of Lotus Cars, who are going to be building the Roadsters for Tesla, and are assisting with a lot of the development and validation testing. UK-based CAR ...


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