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    Report: Nissan ready to start testing Leaf EV in Thailand

    Nissan figures there's a market for the Nissan Leaf in Thailand. Or, at the very least, a chance to test the world's most popular passenger electric car in Bangkok. The global automaker has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Metropolitan Electricity Authority in Bangkok to start ...

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    Official: GM increases number of clean facilities in Asia, has 100 worldwide

    General Motors has added two more outlets to its global land-fill free initiative – the Rayong engine plant in Thailand and Cheonga proving ground in Korea. This brings the total to 33 facilities in Asia, 45 in North America and 22 in Europe that recycle, reuse or convert to energy all ...

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    Official: Nissan starts selling CNG-powered Navara in Thailand

    US production of natural-gas vehicles is nothing new (Ford just announced a CNG F-150 today), it's not a huge market segment here. Nissan is banking on some pretty steady demand in Thailand, though, where the Japanese automaker is introducing a compressed natural gas (CNG) version of the Navara ...

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    Motorsports: Formula E touts Renault relationship with new car design, adds Bangkok to calender

    The Formulec EF01 is a pretty sweet all-electric race car, but it's really been just a place holder for the vehicles that will eventually form the FIA Formula E Championship grid. Along with an announcement that Renault will be a technical partner, the budding series has just released images of ...

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    Official: Mazda will build $286-million Skyactiv transmission plant in Thailand

    Mazda has some good news for a Thailand auto industry rebounding from floods that crippled production less than three years ago. The automaker will build a 26 billion yen ($286 million) factory in the country's Chonburi Province that will be used strictly to build Mazda's SkyActiv ...

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    Official: BYD sells its first electric cars, three E6 EVs, in Thailand

    Hey, it's a start. BYD, the China-based vehicle maker that's repeatedly delayed the debut of its battery-electric vehicles for the U.S. market, has sold three of its EVs to the Thai utility company that supplies power to Bangkok as part of an effort to promote EV vehicle use in the country. ...

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    Official: Honda launches Jazz (Fit) Hybrid in Thailand

    Honda announced the official debut of its Jazz Hybrid in Thailand, marking the Japanese automaker's continued efforts to broaden its hybrid-vehicle production outside of Japan. The hybrid version of the Jazz, known as the Fit in the U.S., is gaining popularity in Asian markets outside of Japan, ...

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    Honda will start Fit (Jazz) Hybrid production in Thailand this summer

    Honda will start making a hybrid version of its Fit compact in Thailand this summer, according to the Japanese publication the Nikkei. Production will mark the first time Honda will be making any of its hybrids in Asia outside of Japan. Sales of the Jazz Hybrid – Honda substitutes the name ...

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    Exclusive: Thailand's green car manufacturing took a beating, back to ticking

    Last fall, Thailand was hit by a devastating flood that damaged parts of 65 of Thailand's 77 provinces, killed 815 people and affected the lives and homes of more than 13 million. Some parts of Bangkok were under over two meters (6.5 feet) of water (PDF) and normal life in the city came to a ...

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    Report: Toyota, Honda say Thai floods may impact Prius production, U.S. vehicles

    Automotive News reports that Toyota may experience production delays tied to widespread flooding in Thailand. The Japanese automaker relies on certain Thai components, including audio systems, diodes and condensers, that may see production shortages. Honda, too, has issued a statement that the ...

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    Report: Thailand to offer $3,317 credit for purchase of vehicles with up to 1.5-liter engines

    Thailand's government is discussing a tax rebate of up to 100,000 baht ($3,317 U.S. at the current exchange rate) for buyers of vehicles with engines that displace 1.5-liters or less. The move could cost the government an estimated 30 billion baht ($99.5 million U.S.), with up to 500,000 buyers ...

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    General Motors opens $200-million diesel engine factory in Thailand

    On Friday, General Motors swung open the doors to its "state-of-the-art," $200-million diesel engine factory located in Thailand's eastern Rayong province. This facility is the U.S. automaker's first diesel production site in Southeast Asia and part of Thailand's push to become a bigger producer ...

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    Thailand pushes to be an eco-car production powerhouse

    Quick, name the 12th largest automotive manufacturing country in the world. Since we kind of gave the answer away in the headline, we're not too surprised that you just answered Thailand. But did you also know that 1.6 million vehicles were produced in Thailand last year and that the country is an ...

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    Mitsubishi to test electric i-MiEV in Thailand

    Mitsubishi Motors' Thai subsidiary, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand, Ltd, has agreed to start testing the electric i-MiEV with the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) and PEA ENCOM International (PEA). Back in December of 2010, Mitsubishi agreed with the government of Thailand to start a joint ...

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    Toyota kicks off Prius production in Thailand

    2010 Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Earlier today, Toyota Motor Corporation held a line-off ceremony at its Gateway Plant to celebrate the start of Prius production in Thailand – marking the first time time that the third-gen Prius will be assembled outside of ...

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    Toyota Camry Hybrid gets nip/tuck for ASEAN market intro

    Toyota Camry Hybrid for Thailand - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    It may have taken a year to make it happen, but the locally-built Toyota Camry Hybrid is finally ready to go on sale in Thailand. This new version of the Camry Hybrid is the first of its kind not assembled in Japan and ...

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    Coskata's cellulosic ethanol road show hits Thailand, China, Australia

    Representatives from one of the GM-backed cellulosic ethanol concerns, Coskata, have been visiting the Asia-Pacific region recently to tout their anything-into-ethanol technology. In Thailand, they recommended that the Thai government work to make "Thailand the ethanol manufacturing hub for Asia," ...

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    Volvo launches flex fuel S80 and C30 in Thailand to go with new E85 stations

    Here in the US, millions of flex-fuel vehicles were sold before significant numbers of E85 stations began to open. Over in Thailand there were already two E85 stations before the first car was even sold. Volvo has launched two E85 capable flex-fuel models in the south-east Asian country. The S80 ...

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    VIDEO: Tata bringing Xenon Super CNG pickup to Bangkok, makes great commercial

    It may only be used in America for certain fleets and forklifts, but in some markets compressed natural gas (CNG) is a practical and greener alternative to liquid carbon fuels. The Thai division of Tata believes it's a good fit and is proudly launching the CNG version of the Tata Xenon Super at ...

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    Toyota to build Camry hybrid in Australia and Thailand

    Toyota wants to double worldwide sales of its hybrids to over 1 million units a year within the next decade and is adding production capacity to hep it get there. In Japan today, Toyota announced plans to add production of Camry hybrids at two more plants in Australia and Thailand. The Thai plant ...


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