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    Report: Tesla Model S now the least-stolen car in the US

    When is a Honda Accord more appealing than a Tesla Model S? When you're a thief. The Accord continues to reign as the most-stolen car in the US but the Model S is now claiming a new and interesting title: the least-stolen car in America. Last year, it wasn't even on the list. Of course, sometimes ...

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    It's Friday: If you're a car thief, you'd best know your diesel from your gasoline

    When stealing a vehicle, we imagine the last thing on a thief's mind is thinking is about type of fuel their "new" car requires. However, that's something Daniel Boxall should have considered after acquiring a new set of wheels through less than legal means. Boxall decided he needed a new whip, ...

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    Restaurant waste oil grease thefts on the rise

    Photo by Paul Keleher. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.Yesterday, driving around the Detroit suburbs, I saw a man holding up a sign along the side of the road that read, "We buy gold inside Kroger." (Kroger is a large grocery store chain). It seemed to me that the man making (I'm ...

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    Gas prices aren't that high ... if you're stealing it

    Photo by Clearly Ambiguous. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.We've seen some crazy stories about cheap gas - sometimes accidental and sometimes illegal - recently. Here's another story to add to the list of recent fuel-price-related shenanigans: straight-up theft. In King County, ...

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    How to break into a Prius with a laptop and an hour to spare

    digg_url = ''; Here at AutoblogGreen, we just love the fuel-efficient Prius. We love it so much, we almost want to break into every one we see and drive them away. The Prius has a pretty good anti-theft system... and stealing cars is not legal. The Supreme ...

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    Thieves stealing carpool stickers in California

    We told you a couple of months ago about the State of California having handed out all of the carpool lane stickers that they had allocated for hybrid vehicles. A few weeks later it was reported that used hybrids that came with a carpool lane sticker were fetching price premiums of up to $4,000 ...


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