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thomas weber

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    Report: Mercedes exec says B-Class Electric will stack up well to BMW i3, all other EVs

    We're not sure how to translate "throwdown" in German, but Daimler executive Thomas Weber appears to have the concept down pat. Weber, who heads research and development at Daimler's Mercedes-Benz unit, tells Automotive News Europe that the B-Class Electric Drive will compare favorably to the BMW ...

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    Report: Daimler dealers will be prepared to sell and service EVs in two years

    Mercedes-Benz concept BlueZero Plus – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Daimler is working aggressively to bring zero emissions vehicles to market under both the Mercedes-Benz and Smart brands. In order to get ready for that, Daimler AG research and development chief Dr. Thomas Weber ...

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    Better Place battery swapping plan comes under fire

    Although many share the vision of ubiquitous infrastructure to support future fleets of electric vehicles, the concept of battery swapping, frequently championed by Better Place, doesn't seem to have the same appeal as the fast-charge station. In fact, in the past week, battery swapping has come ...

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    BMW and Daimler ask for common EV standards

    Have you ever traveled around with a plug adapter for different wall sockets? The need for a car version of these adapters, albeit in a much larger scale, is what BMW's Klaus Draeger and Daimler's Thomas Weber discussed at the 2008 World Automotive Congress of FISITA, the international association ...

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    A-Class Mercedes: Goodbye fuel cell, hello Tesla battery?

    We recently confirmed the rumor that, yes, Mercedes is planning on building an electric car or two and now some of the details are starting to be firmed up. In an interview with German business daily, WirtschaftsWoche, Thomas Weber, a Mercedes board member responsible for research and vehicle ...

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    Minimizing Mass - DaimlerChrysler hopes to curb weight gain

    Over past two decades motor vehicles have gotten hundreds of new features and amenities and made big advances in safety in performance. Unfortunately all those cool stability controls, big brakes, air bags, rear seat entertainment systems, heated seats and on and on and on, have one thing in ...


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