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    Official: 84-MPG Elio Motors trike preorders get limited-time 50 percent bonus

    For prospective buyers of Elio Motors' super-fuel-efficient vehicle set to debut next year, one day may cost you $250. For a car that costs $6,800, that's a decent chunk. You've been warned. For a limited time, Elio Motors will match half of a customers' non-refundable reservation fee for its ...

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    Official: Toyota puts three-wheeled i-Road into public tests in Japan [w/video]

    The lucky citizens of Japan are getting it now, and some folks in France will join the fray later this year, but that's about it for public, leaning-trike fun. The car in question is Toyota's three-wheeled i-Road concept electric vehicle. And in addition to being really narrow and quite ...

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    Report: Elio moves to make $6,800, 84-mpg three-wheeler more real

    Tell a hip-hop fan you've got a vehicle with three-wheel motion and they'll think of low-riders, '64 Impalas and hydraulics. Michigan-based Elio Motors has another idea, and the Detroit News says it's a few beats closer to reality. Elio, which a few months ago made news when it agreed to buy an ...

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    Congress approves three-wheelers for DOE funds

    Aptera 2e final design rendering - Click above to enlarge
    Following months of debate, Congress has approved a bill that will pave the way for three-wheeled vehicle manufacturers like Aptera to qualify for funding from the Department of Energy. Next step: President Obama's desk, and the ...

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    Russian taxi company adds Carver to fleet

    Carver One for taxi duty - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    We don't often hear about the Carver One here in the United States, probably because it's not actually available for sale in this country. Apparently, that's not the case in much of the European Union and Russia, where a taxi ...

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    Piaggio Ape reintroduced to UK market

    Perodua UK Limited, the importer of Piaggio Commercial Vehicles, has just announced that it's bringing the classic three-wheeled Ape back to the UK market. First introduced way back in 1948, the Ape (pronounced, ap-ey, FWIW, which is Italian for "bee." Vespa is Italian for "wasp") is based on the ...

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    The Dagne: Video game on three wheels

    Hold the presses! There is yet.another.enclosed.three-wheeled.vehicle.being developed in America. The Dagne from Revolution Motors is meant to be an "ultra-efficient, high-performance sustainable commuter vehicle" and will feature a serial-hybrid drivetrain. Though it does have lots in common with ...

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    Editorial: Why make three-wheeled vehicles? Are they legal? Should they be?

    Click above for more images of the Aptera Typ1 eGasoline prices in the United States are helping push along the development of many new vehicles such as the Volt from General Motors. Such game-changing vehicles as the Volt and the original Toyota Prius demand a huge amount of research and, even ...

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    Colorado: Should there be a distinct license for three-wheelers?

    Since three-wheeled vehicles come up on AutoblogGreen so often, we thought it would be prudent to inform you that Colorado is considering adding a distinct license requirement for three-wheeled motorcycles. Generally, if you have a motorcycle license, the state you live in allows you to ride a ...

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    Winding Road compares the available three-wheelers

    Rex Roy from Winding Road says that the Can-Am Spyder looks like the end-result of a snowmobile crashing into a Caterham 7. Interesting analogy, we think, considering the single-track rear and the double-track fender-less front. BRP, makers of the Spyder, hope to bring the benefits of motorcycles ...

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    Take a look at the new Triketec X2 Arrow, with optional diesel engine

    Vehicles with three wheels have the unenviable reputation of being inherently unstable. This reputation was earned by the Honda ATCs from long ago, which had two wheels in the rear and one wheel up front. This design is not as stable as having two wheels in the front. Because vehicles are ...

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    Venture Vehicles to design and build 100 mpg three-wheeled road-going jetfighter

    Click on the image for a gallery of 29 images of the VentureOne concept and the Carver three-wheeler. digg_url = ''; Venture Vehicles has announced that they will develop a two passenger, ...


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