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    Official: Elio getting closer to building actual 84-mpg cars

    Elio Motors is taking its green-is-good mentality to its factory equipment. The company, which is planning to make super-light three-wheeled vehicles that get 84 miles per gallon, will finally start making trikes next year. The plan is to sell off extra equipment from an old General Motors ...

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    Official: EnerDel electrifies trikes in the Philippines

    Boracay is certainly a long way from Indiana. But business is business, and EnerDel has found some on that island in the Philippines. And, to quote the hip-hop lexicon, there's some three-wheeled motion to boot. The Indianapolis-based company reached what it says is a "long-term" agreement with ...

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    Official: Cleaner than cow farts, Elio 84-mpg trike hits 15,000 reservations

    If you think the fact that Elio Motors has taken 15,000 reservations for its high-MPG three-wheeler is something to scoff at, well, consider the fact that Honda sold less than 21,000 of its hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles combined last year. But, if you think that the company's ...

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    Official: Elio Motors modifies high-mpg trike, now renting space at former GM plant

    Elio Motors, the company that wants to sell you an inexpensive, fuel-efficient three-wheeled commuter car, has taken a big step towards that dream. It now looks like it will have a factory roof under which to assemble its 84-mile-per-gallon, $6,800 offering, thanks to the Caddo Parish Industrial ...

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    Official: Elio showing 84-mpg, 3-wheeled trike at CES, on sale in early 2015

    We've seen lots of promotional images of the upcoming Elio three-wheeled, high-efficiency vehicle, but now Elio Motors is ready to show the trike to the world at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show, which starts next week. The vehicle will be on display at the ShowStoppers area of ...

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    Report: 3D-printed Urbee 2 ready to cross US on 10 gallons of fuel

    Two brothers are trying to get their lightweight, 3D-printed car all the way across the country using about the same amount of gas that it takes to get a Hummer across Los Angeles County. With their dog, no less. Brothers Cody and Tyler Kor first showed off a version of their 3D-printed ...

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    Video: Proposed rule change could bring about new wave of 3-wheel EVs [w/video]

    Just what defines a three-wheeled vehicle? You'd think it would be the number of wheels, but the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) and its Three-Wheel Vehicle Working Group has been thinking about exactly this question, and has come up with a more nuanced definition ...

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    Official: Elio Motors buys old GM plant in LA, plans to build 84-mpg, $6,800 trike [w/video]

    The story of Elio Motors goes back many years, but it has managed to stay well below the radar, mostly because there hasn't been much news. This has changed. Back in 2009, a reader pointed out that Elio was looking for DOE funds, but since then we haven't hears much about the company that ...

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    Development of plug-in hybrid Can-Am Spyder underway [w/video]

    Can-Am plug in hybrid Spyder – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The Centre de technologies avancées BRP at the Université de Sherbrooke (CTA) was granted C$11.3 million ($11.3 million U.S. at the current exchange rate) to develop a plug-in hybrid powertrain for the ...

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    SAM begins rebirth as Re-Volt in Poland

    SAM Re-Volt - Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you harbor a fondness for bizarre-looking three-wheeled electric vehicles and are looking for a good excuse to visit Poland, this may be your lucky day. The re-engineered SAM is now for sale in that Central European Republic and has been ...

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    Congress approves three-wheelers for DOE funds

    Aptera 2e final design rendering - Click above to enlarge
    Following months of debate, Congress has approved a bill that will pave the way for three-wheeled vehicle manufacturers like Aptera to qualify for funding from the Department of Energy. Next step: President Obama's desk, and the ...

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    Russian taxi company adds Carver to fleet

    Carver One for taxi duty - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    We don't often hear about the Carver One here in the United States, probably because it's not actually available for sale in this country. Apparently, that's not the case in much of the European Union and Russia, where a taxi ...

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    Piaggio Ape reintroduced to UK market

    Perodua UK Limited, the importer of Piaggio Commercial Vehicles, has just announced that it's bringing the classic three-wheeled Ape back to the UK market. First introduced way back in 1948, the Ape (pronounced, ap-ey, FWIW, which is Italian for "bee." Vespa is Italian for "wasp") is based on the ...

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    Friday video! How NOT to design your electric three-wheeler

    Whilst perusing the internetz for the latest and greatest green-go-gadgets, we happened across a somewhat mysterious video that we think might offer our readers something in the way of both amusement and a free physics lesson. The clip features several different three-wheel electric vehicles ...

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    Three wheels + 60 Mpg = EMC3

    It's been a while since we've posted about a 60 mpg three-wheel car but when a reader let us know about the EMC3 appearing at the recent Seattle Autoshow (thanks, Troy!), we had to make a little room for it. According to the Eco Motor Company's website the tricycle began its life as a summer ...

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    ZoomiLife drives the Zuumer, loves it, buys it!

    A couple of weeks ago we were telling you about the 600-mile inaugural run of the Zuumer from ZuumCraft. While it's one thing to have a company representative talk about their product, it's often more illuminating to hear a review from an unassociated party and so we bring you news of a test drive ...

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    MDI's AIRPod coming to New Zealand

    Looking like just about every other three-wheeled, joystick-controlled, compressed air-driven car we've ever seen, the AIRPod by MDI will be available to lease in New Zealand soon. MDI has an agreement with IndraNet Technologies to market them in the land of the M?ori and, according to an article ...

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    The Dagne: Video game on three wheels

    Hold the presses! There is yet.another.enclosed.three-wheeled.vehicle.being developed in America. The Dagne from Revolution Motors is meant to be an "ultra-efficient, high-performance sustainable commuter vehicle" and will feature a serial-hybrid drivetrain. Though it does have lots in common with ...

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    Brudeli introduces Europe to its Leanster

    Click above for more high-res shots of the Brudeli Leanster
    Trikes are pretty hot these days. Whether they lean or not, using three wheels instead of two is a concept that has been gaining traction in an effort to... gain traction. Three contact patches allows for more rubber on the road, ...

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    Harley-Davidson trike getting closer to production?

    Patent drawings have revealed that Harley-Davidson, the quintessential American Motor Company, has been working on leaning three-wheelers for the last few years. This is a concept that has already proven itself viable with products like the Piaggio MP3 series of scooters currently on the market. HD ...


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