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    Exclusive: The two sides of Bridgestone's new off-road tire plant in Aiken, SC

    Bridgestone is in an interesting position. On the one hand, the tire manufacturer wants to increase its green credentials with its line of Ecopia products. These are low-rolling resistance tires that improve efficiency by around five or six percent and are now available in 50 sizes that fit ...

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    Why spare tires may soon fall prey to better fuel efficiency

    Once upon a time, all vehicles came with a spare tire. Be it a donut or a full-size spare, vehicles left the assembly line ready to tackle the U.S.' potholed-roads. Now, most vehicles come with either run-flat tires or some sort of tire inflation system, similar to the Chevy Cruze Eco's inflator ...

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    The European Union is studying green label for tires

    The EU is readying legislation that will label tires according to their impact on the environment. The idea is to create a label that would spot three values, two of them inspired by current energy efficiency ratings of domestic appliances: The first value, using letters from A to G will refer ...

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    Instructable of the day: making sandals from used tires

    The subject of tire recycling is one that has come up here before, but we didn't really offer up any useful suggestions for the average reader on what to do. Let's change all of that with our latest Instructable of the day. Used tires still have lots of life left in them if you are willing to get ...

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    Beep-beep! TPMS-lite tire cap blinks when tire pressure drops

    Goodyear recommends that you check your car's tire pressure once a month. But who has time to waste the seconds, maybe even minutes (!), that it takes to check your tire pressure? Isn't there is a gadget that makes checking your tire press a little simpler, possibly involving LEDs? Yes, yes there ...

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    Frankfurt 2007 video: Michelin's Energy Saver tire

    Michelin has a new low resistance tire called Energy Saver and they brought it to the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Michelin demonstration of the tire at the show has two cars on a slope rolling back and fourth. The car with the Energy Saver tires continues to roll 18 seconds longer than the car ...

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    Nitrogen vending inflation station set to save you fuel

    Fact 1: The US Department of Energy estimates that we could save two million gallons of gasoline every day if our tires were properly inflated.Fact 2: An estimated 30-50 percent of all vehicles on the road are operating with at least one under-inflated tire resulting in decreased fuel economy.Fact ...

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    New tire promises to improve efficiency by up to 3%

    Hankook Tire Co. has developed an “ultra fuel efficient tire” called the fx-Optimo. Their definition of drastically improving fuel efficiency boils down to a savings of up to 3%. As is the case with many incremental improvements, they might sound small, but when one considers the bigger ...


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