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tom moloughney

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    Why are all US-bound BMW i3 EVs with range extenders stuck at port?
    New Technology Meets EPA Rules And Things Just Take Time 1400608740

    The first BMW i3 EVs have been delivered in the US, but in a quirk of the rules, none of them have been the range-extended versions. Long-time BMW electric vehicle driver Tom Moloughney discovered this fact the hard way. His i3 REx has been sitting at a New Jersey port for over a week and he's ...

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    Mini E driver hits 1,000 recharges; racks up 54,000 miles

    When BMW launched the Mini E lease program, some potential drivers were disappointed that they would only get to pilot the electrified hatch for 12 months. Later, at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, Mini USA announced an extension of the lease program, allowing current Mini E drivers to retain their ...

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    Mini E driver discusses range anxiety, how his friends worry too much

    Mini E – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Mini E is one of the first electric prototype vehicles in the hands of everyday drivers. One driver, Tom Moloughney, has documented his adventures for all to see and read. You may recall that Moloughney recently surpassed 22,000 miles in ...


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