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tony posawatz

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    GM's Volt line director, Tony Posawatz, becomes new EDTA co-chairman

    Remember how we were all excited when the picture above first appeared? It was our first official (if leaked) look at the production version of the Chevy Volt, and I bet a lot of people were saying to themselves, "Man, if that dude in the picture would just get out of the frakking way, we'd be able ...

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    Volt battery decision soon, and 20 mile EV option possible

    Much has been said recently about both the potential cost of the Chevy Volt and who will supply the batteries for the production car. During our recent chat, Bob Lutz he told us that the current mule vehicles are all being tested with packs from only one of the two development suppliers although ...

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    Shanghai Motor Show: GM unveils fuel cell E-Flex

    click on the image for a high-res gallery of the fuel cell E-Flex platform digg_url = ''; In the last few months General Motors has been on real energy diversity kick. They seem to have bought wholeheartedly ...


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