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    Official: Drive less, get gas money in Canada's Shuttle Challenge

    It sounds a bit counter-intuitive, but one Toronto nonprofit is giving folks a chance to win almost a full tank of gas if they drive less. Summerhill Group's Shuttle Challenge, launched last week, encourages commuters to cut down on their driving habits, giving away $25 gas cards for folks who ...

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    Official: Lexus RX450h to be made in Canada

    Sales are about to take off, eh? Toyota Motor Co. is counting on meeting what it says is "rising demand" for the Lexus RX450h by moving production of the crossover SUV hybrid north of the border. The Japanese automaker plans to build about 15,000 units of the model annually at its factory in ...

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    Official: Hark! Mitsubishi's 'Electriphobia Institute' cures EV anxiety!

    Think of it as Mitsubishi's nod to Canada's offbeat sense of humor. The Japanese automaker is using the 2012 Green Living Show in Toronto this week to launch what it calls its "Electriphobia Research Institute," which will promote the Mitsubishi battery-electric i-MiEV while it dispels some ...

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    500 Nissan Leafs will be part of Toronto's FleetWise EV300

    2011 Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Dare we make a Maple Leaf joke? When the first Nissan Leafs arrive in Canada in late 2011, 500 of them will be going to partners of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund's FleetWise EV300. This beats the organization's call, made in ...

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    Toronto wants at least 300 electric cars by 2012

    Groups in Toronto have been evaluating the benefits and difficulties of plug-in vehicles for years and some in the city were talking about having a fleet of 200 such vehicles all the way back in 2007. Now, the Greater Toronto Area is getting its act together with the EV300 program that intends to ...

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    Toronto Mayor rids self of Prius, gets Malibu hybrid

    Click above for a hi-res gallery
    There'll be no more Prius parked in the garage of City of Toronto Mayor, David Miller. The vintage 2003 Toyota import was chagrined to learn, whilst in the shop to correct an electronics problem, that it had been replaced by a almost-domestically-produced car, a ...

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    Easy to park, easy to enforce parking with: Toronto PD's smart fortwos

    The Toronto Police Services is trying to lessen its environmental impact by adjusting the way it goes about some of its daily activities. To that end, the cops have added a pair of Honda Civic Hybrids and a pair of smart fortwo diesels to the fleet. The idea behind the change is to utilize vehicles ...

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    Toronto to experiment with plug-in hybrid conversions

    Canada's biggest city is starting a program to evaluate the performance and benefits of plug-in hybrids. The city of Toronto will fund a pilot project through the Toronto Atmospheric Fund starting with ten current hybrid vehicles that will be provided by organizations and companies around the city ...

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    Toronto buses to get Suncor biodiesel

    There are almost 1,500 buses in the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) fleet. Over the next two years, almost, these buses will burn over 120 million liters (that's about 32 million U.S. gallons) of biodiesel supplied by Suncor Energy Products, Inc.  Suncor's director of distribution operations ...


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