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toyota aqua

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    Report: Toyota gets slammed in Japan with Aqua/Prius C pre-orders

    Perhaps the the "c" in the Prius C stands for ka-ching. According to reports, Toyota in Japan received 10 times its monthly sales target in pre-orders for the compact version of its Prius hybrid within the first five days of the model's debut, leading to what's likely to be a shortage and long ...

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    Official: Toyota Aqua (Prius C) comes to Japan, 60,000 orders already in

    This week, Toyota Motor Corp. started selling its Aqua hybrid-electric compact car in Japan as the world's biggest hybrid-vehicle maker looks to build upon the success of its Prius with a smaller, more efficient variant. The Aqua, which is about the size of a Toyota Yaris, has a base price ...

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    Tokyo: Toyota Aqua concepts hint to a Prius C of possibilities

    Toyota unveiled a handful of production and concept Aqua models at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. As you may recall, the Aqua will serve as the Prius C here in the United States when it lands at the Detroit Auto Show in early 2012. The Yaris-sized hatchback will come equipped with a 1.5-liter ...

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    Report: Toyota Prius C to be called Aqua in Japan, expected to return 94 mpg*

    Toyota's upcoming compact hybrid, previewed by the Prius C Concept, will reportedly launch in January 2012 in Japan wearing the Aqua name, according to news outlet Nikkei. The compact gas-electric is expected to carry a fuel economy rating of 40 kilometers per liter (94 miles per gallon U.S.) on ...


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