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    Report: New BMW-Toyota deal doesn't include diesels for Lexus

    Automotive News reports Lexus won't be getting any diesel engines from BMW as part of the new collaboration between parent company Toyota and the German automaker. BMW and Toyota are set to team up on next-generation green technology, though the two will apparently stick to crafting a new ...

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    Report: Toyota, BMW may build green cars together

    Toyota and BMW have reportedly begun discussions on swapping their signature green technologies. The Japanese automaker would open up its hybrid tech to BMW, while the Germans would provide diesel engines for Toyotas. This is a little different than the recent memorandum of understanding ...

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    Toyota will continue focusing on "clean halo" hybrids, not EVs or diesels

    Toyota FT-EV concept - Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's not terribly surprising that Toyota – the automaker often credited for creating the first modern mainstream hybrid automobile – would seek to continue establishing its marketplace dominance in hybrid automobiles. The ...

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    Toyota not working on diesel hybrid

    2010 Toyota Prius - Click above for high-res image gallery
    There's no doubt that the Toyota Prius is the most well-known green car in the world, a fact that's as often attributed to the car's distinctive styling as it is to the car's impressive fuel efficiency. The latest 2010 model pushes that ...

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    Toyota to intro new ultra-clean diesels in 2008

    Toyota is working on ultra-clean diesel engines independently from their recent hook-up with Isuzu. Similarly to the United States and Europe, Japan is introducing stricter emissions requirements for diesel engines for 2009. The new regulations in Japan require particulate emissions of one-third of ...

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    Toyota's European vision for 2010: lots more clean cars

    2010 is shaping up to be a big year for Toyota. Company officials have previously announced that they would start selling a diesel hybrid that year, and now the Nihon Keizai Shimbun has reported that 2010 is the year Toyota wants 50 percent of its new car sales to be either fuel-efficient diesels ...

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    Toyota to sell diesel hybrid in 2010

    After hooking up with Isuzu a couple of weeks ago, Toyota is now going to start taking advantage of Isuzu's diesel expertise. For the first time Toyota is going to combine their Synergy hybrid drive system with diesel engines. A diesel hybrid system has the potential to provide the best of both ...

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    Sleek Toyota Auris hatchback (diesel and petrol) coming to Europe next year

    If you enjoy tempting yourself with diesels that are available in Europe and Japan but not the rest of the world, then feast on Toyota's Auris hatchback, a replacement for the Corolla. The Auris, already available in Japan and coming to Europe in February 2007, is a three- or five-door car with ...


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