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toyota le mans

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    Report: How Toyota's Le Mans racer may make its next Prius even better

    The supercapacitor technology in the Toyota TS040 "offers great possibility for production car use." – Amanda Rice, Toyota Pop-culture junkies familiar with 1980s touchstone movies will hear the word "capacitor" and think Back to the Future. But the concept of supercapacitors being used ...

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    Report: Is Japan's Prius Cup the world's most boring form of motorsports?

    Drivers in Japan have once again taken to the track in an effort to wring maximum mileage from their Toyota hybrids. According to AutoWeek, the Prius Cup resumed this year after a two-year hiatus. Toyota officials said they have no plans to bring the hybrid competition to the U.S., but played up ...

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    Rumors of a hybrid Le Mans racer from Toyota pop back up

    We've been hearing since the beginning of the year that Toyota may be considering entering the historic Le Mans 24 Hour race with a hybrid racer, possibly with a high-tech capacitor-based energy storage system. It's no secret that the Japanese giant is the undisputed leader in hybrid cars for the ...


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