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traffic jam

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    Even Tesla job fair gets too much attention, causes traffic jam

    We know that when it comes to Tesla, every little thing has the potential to explode into the popular consciousness. Whether it's the rare fire or a good conspiracy theory, any news is good news. But we thought that this was just true on the Internet. Turns out, even the company's neighbors can't ...

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    How car-sharers think about their cars: less ownership, more rules

    Will carsharing become a viable solution for American consumers concerned about traffic congestion, air pollution and making hefty car payments? Will it ever be an appealing transportation alternative, as it is in Europe? It depends on who you ask. German carmaker Daimler is promoting car ...

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    Treasure Department: traffic jams waste 1.9 billion gallons of gas in U.S. each year

    A car that is sitting still with the engine running is getting zero miles per gallon, no matter how efficient the aerodynamics or how great the hybrid powertrain is. Spread out over the entire U.S., all those zero mile per gallon situations – i.e. traffic jams – means Americans are ...

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    Infographic: terrible, terrible traffic jams

    It may feel like you spend half your life in traffic jams, but that's just a delusion. According to this very spiffy – and highly depressing – infographic from Carbuzz, even Chicagoans are spending less than two percent of their waking existence staring at someone's muffler. There. ...

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    A billion spent on "transportation enhancement" didn't help traffic flow in Texas

    Traffic jams. Who doesn't love them? You've spent tens of thousands of dollars on a new car (or not) to go five miles an hour, you're wasting gas and people are getting cranky. This, my friends, is the freedom of the open road. If this is the kind of motoring you're a fan of, the future looks ...

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    Opposite World: Is traffic good for the environment?

    Traffic congestion is good for the environment. Wait, come again? Are we talking about Bizarro World here? Actually, according to Wall Street Journal writer David Owen, excessive congestion can actually be a good thing when it convinces drivers to explorer transportation alternatives instead of ...

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    It's Friday: Spanish artist creates staged traffic jam

    Maider López's traffic art - Click above for image gallery
    Art may be the last thing in the world the average person thinks about when sitting idle in a major traffic jam, but Spanish artist Maider López apparently sees things the normal person doesn't. López put a call out ...

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    MIT working to eliminate phantom traffic jams [w/VIDEO]

    Phantom traffic jam - Click above to watch the video after the break
    Seriously, how irritating is it when traffic inexplicably comes to a grinding halt for no apparent reason before starting right back up with no trace of a cause? Not only are these so-called phantom traffic jams the bane of many ...

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    Traffic fatalities drop as gas prices increase

    Photo: splorp - Licensed under CC 2.0Higher gas prices equal fewer miles driven. Fewer miles driven equals fewer traffic fatalities. At least, that's the assumption, 'cause it's really impossible to know for sure what is driving the current death rate decline on American roadways. Still, that above ...

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    Avoid traffic and save fuel - Google Maps now shows you the traffic to avoid

    There's nothing worse than sitting in traffic, especially knowing that your vehicle, and all those around you, are contributing to carbon emissions while achieving next to nothing in terms of useful work. The ideal situation of course is to avoid the traffic jams in the first place and most modern ...


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