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    Report: Iran starts National Hybrid Car Project to hybridize Runna

    Iran is getting ready to follow China's moves and try to reduce air pollution by bringing in more alterantive powertrain vehicles. As Iran's largest automaker, Iran Khodro Company (IKCO) will contribute to that goal by introducing the Runna plug-in hybrid car. Iran Khodro Powertrain Co. (IPCO) ...

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    Official: Smart, BoConcept offer tiny solution to crowded streets, tight living spaces

    Urban life is getting trickier all the time. In almost ever city, usable space gets more and more limited even as the amount of cars and traffic congestion grows. Ever the poster child for urban personal transportation, Daimler's Smart brand is one again thinking up a solution, this time working ...

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    Report: Beijing scrapping dirty, old clunkers to reduce "heavily polluted" air

    Air pollution in China's capital city is reaching sobering levels. The World Health Organization warns that levels for fine airborne particulates that pose the greatest health risks should go no higher than 25 for 24-hour exposure on the PM2.5 scale. On January 22, the official Beijing government ...

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    Has "peak car" already happened? Are automakers becoming mobility companies?

    The mood at the 2013 North American International Auto Show has been more than upbeat for automakers. Lots of new models and concept cars have been unveiled and automakers think it will be a good year for a solid sales increase. Quartz writer Tim Fernholz looked at it from another angle, raising ...

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    Official: Smart-transportation spending will quadruple to $102 billion by 2018

    Let's just say the smart money's on smart transportation. A recent study by MarketsAndMarkets found that global spending on so-called smart-transportation initiatives will quadruple to more than $102 billion in 2018 from almost $27 billion this year. Spending on communication systems that do ...

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    Video: Toyota animates Ha:mo mobility network

    Automakers will be playing a much different role in cities in the near future, according to Toyota. Manufacturing cars and marketing them through their dealer networks may take a backseat to smart transportation and mobility. See also: Daimler's Car2go. Toyota's "Ha:mo" – Harmonious ...

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    Study: LA smog has less of a chokehold than years ago, NOAA study says

    If you visited or lived in the Los Angeles area many years ago, you why it was called, unofficially, the City of Smog. In the early 1970s, I attended the LA Zoo with my third grade classmates on one of those given days when the South Coast Air Quality Management District likely issued a smog ...

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    Official: Honda says new driving-monitoring system cuts traffic jams, boosts fuel economy

    Many of us have seen the bumper sticker featuring a gun-toting Yosemite Sam and the words "Back Off." Turns out Honda wants to make them obsolete. The Japanese automaker said it has developed the first-ever vehicle communications system geared to cut both traffic jams and fuel use by monitoring ...

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    Official: Bill Ford pitches self-driving, traffic-warning car functions for traffic alleviation

    Ford Motor Co. Executive Chairman Bill Ford is worried about "global gridlock" over the next four decades. The good news is that he sees a way out of the morass, a plan called the "Blueprint for Mobility" that he outlined during a keynote speech at the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona ...

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    Study: Banning hybrids from HOV lanes slows everyone down

    Whodathunk that banning hybrid vehicles from California's High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes would lead to additional congestion on the state's highways and even longer commute times? Transportation engineers at the University of California, Berkeley did, and that's why the University's ...

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    Infographic: terrible, terrible traffic jams

    It may feel like you spend half your life in traffic jams, but that's just a delusion. According to this very spiffy – and highly depressing – infographic from Carbuzz, even Chicagoans are spending less than two percent of their waking existence staring at someone's muffler. There. ...

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    Report: Beijing to levy congestion charge to ease traffic, reduce pollution

    Chronic traffic woes have led officials in Beijing to take action, again. A congestion charge will soon be levied on drivers wishing to travel on select roads in the Chinese capital. Xinhua news agency says the charge is to encourage residents of Beijing to use public transit or bicycles for ...

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    Audi demonstrating Travolution vehicle to infrastructure communications

    Audi Travolution – Click above for high-res image gallery
    This week Audi has been demonstrating its Travolution technology on a fleet of test vehicles near its headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany. The Travolution package actually incorporates a number of different technologies, including ...

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    Opposite World: Is traffic good for the environment?

    Traffic congestion is good for the environment. Wait, come again? Are we talking about Bizarro World here? Actually, according to Wall Street Journal writer David Owen, excessive congestion can actually be a good thing when it convinces drivers to explorer transportation alternatives instead of ...

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    Study: GPS systems with real-time traffic can save drivers four days per year, cut emissions by 21%

    In Los Angeles, the 101/405 interchange is so congested that in 2002 it was determined that 27,144 hours per year were wasted trying to get from one freeway to the other. That's over 1,100 days. Per year. Not only does that number sound wildly low, but we guarantee it's gotten worse in the last ...

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    Rush hour times decrease to "just" 36.1 hours per traveler; "only" 2.8 billion gallons of gas wasted

    Silver lining. Opportunity. Sign of the times. Whatever you want to call it, high gas prices and the dire economy have reduced national average rush hour traffic times for the second year in a row. In some cities, like Washington, D.C., traffic is getting worse, but the average U.S. driver spent ...

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    It's Friday: Spanish artist creates staged traffic jam

    Maider López's traffic art - Click above for image gallery
    Art may be the last thing in the world the average person thinks about when sitting idle in a major traffic jam, but Spanish artist Maider López apparently sees things the normal person doesn't. López put a call out ...

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    MIT working to eliminate phantom traffic jams [w/VIDEO]

    Phantom traffic jam - Click above to watch the video after the break
    Seriously, how irritating is it when traffic inexplicably comes to a grinding halt for no apparent reason before starting right back up with no trace of a cause? Not only are these so-called phantom traffic jams the bane of many ...

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    Traffic fatalities drop as gas prices increase

    Photo: splorp - Licensed under CC 2.0Higher gas prices equal fewer miles driven. Fewer miles driven equals fewer traffic fatalities. At least, that's the assumption, 'cause it's really impossible to know for sure what is driving the current death rate decline on American roadways. Still, that above ...

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    Congestion pricing for NYC dead for now

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposal to make mid-town Manhattan the first American urban center to institute congestion pricing has died in a secret vote in a Capitol conference room, the New York Times reports. ABG reported on this proposal when the NY City Council approved it just one week ago. A ...


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