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    Official: Nissan Leaf EVs get free rides on SCNF trains in France

    Being able to ship your electric vehicle up the California coast or down the Eastern Seaboard for summer vacation for free isn't exactly an option for us Americans, but the French can sure brag about doing something similar. Nissan struck a deal with French rail company SNCF that allows ...

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    Report: Ford scion invests in Masabi, makers of public transportation ticket app

    If you've ever wanted to joke about something that would make Henry Ford roll over in his grave, this could be the time. The automaker's founder's great-grandson appears to be staking some of his financial future on train tickets. In this case, Bill Ford, Jr. and his venture-capital firm ...

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    Some cars to be as clean as electric train travel by 2020

    Ex-Ford engineer Richard Parry-Jones is now chairman-designate of the UK's Network Rail. Having looked into the futures of both car and train development, he believes that by the end of this decade the most Earth-friendly internal-combustion engine cars will be about as polluting, on a ...

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    Report: A lack of public transit means you're less likely to have a job

    Does no access to public transit mean no jobs? That's the argument that Adie Tomer makes in a report compiled for the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program. While the situation is not exactly cut-and-dry, Tomer says 42 percent of suburban residents without vehicles don't have ...

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    Report: China's tragic train crash may change nation's electric vehicle strategy

    At least 40 passengers, including two Americans, were killed in a terrible crash of a Chinese bullet train on July 23. The "official" cause of the devastating crash was ruled a lightning strike, though reactions from authorities have raised doubts. The fatal accident happened on a Saturday ...

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    Give up your car, get free public transportation

    Would you ever surrender your car? We don't mean to trade in your gas-guzzler for a high mileage vehicle, or swap your Toyota Prius for a Nissan Leaf, or even agree to trundling around in a G-Wiz. In this case, we're talking going automotive cold turkey. What would it take for you to make that ...

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    Central Japan Railway breaks ground on two 313-mph Maglev train lines

    We envy any nation that's packed with high-speed bullet trains traversing its land. Period. Them crazy cats in Japan have some of the trickest trains in the world and with its government approving two additional Maglev train lines – one connecting Tokyo to Nagoya and the other linking ...

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    With gas prices spiking, transit riders could save up to $14,376 a year (some, anyway)

    With gasoline prices soaring, commuters who rely upon public transportation can now save even more cash than before, according to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). On March 8th, U.S. gas prices hit an average of $3.50 a gallon, but individuals who travel by bus or commuter ...

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    Audi shipping cars on trains powered by renewable electricity

    How do you minimize the reality that shipping cars via ocean transport ships is tremendously (just amazingly) dirty? How about by emphasizing that, before they get to the ships, your cars travel via electric train that's powered by renewable energy? That's just what Audi does in a new press ...

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    Obama outlines high-speed rail plan for U.S.

    President Obama today outlined a plan to build regional high-speed rail routes in the United States. Cross-country trips will still be conducted best in a plane or as a road trip, but options to go from Detroit to Chicago, for example, would include the new trains that can go up to 110 mph. The ...

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    California voters approve $10 billion for high speed train

    California, say hello to the bullet train. In the big election America held on Tuesday, one transportation-related measure that passed was California's Proposition 1A, named the "Safe, Reliable High Speed Passenger Train Bond Act." Its passage means that almost $10 billion in bond money was ...

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    Blade Runner concept combines a bus with a train

    Click above for more pics of the Blade Runner concept
    Mass transit is a concept that holds significant promise in the U.S. as it is currently very under-utilized. Train travel has become more popular now that the price of gas has rocketed upwards, but rails only go in certain directions and there ...

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    Stagecoach grows better than expected

    Bus and rail company Stagecoach has reported better than expected growth since May 1st. According to the company, Stagecoach's UK bus business was up 9.3 percent, while rail revenues rose nine percent. The company said that the increases were due to people switching to public transport because of ...

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    Amtrak ridership up along with gas prices

    The recent trend of escalating gas prices has had major ripple effects on the auto industry, not the least of which is a well-defined (and well-covered) switch to fuel efficient small cars and hybrids. Another statistic which is raising some eyebrows is the apparent return to train travel. Traffic ...

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    Drop the family at Disney, take MagLev to Vegas

    Gamblers with families might start humming "It's a small world after all" if plans for a high-speed maglev train between Disneyland and Las Vegas continues to go forward. The "technical corrections" legislation that was recently passed freed up $42 million from a 2005 transportation bill to go ...

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    Greening the rails in Japan

    Most people are under the impression that trains are a reasonably green sort of transportation. When used in a city to move people about, the environmental benefits seem pretty obvious. Fewer cars are needed on the roads, decreasing congestion and electric trains are more efficient and create less ...

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    High speed trains are killing airplanes

    Here's another harbinger: air traffic between cities that are linked by high speed train lines is significantly reduced. This was a notorious effect of the Paris-Lyon route (Europe's first high speed train link), and has been seen more recently in the Paris-London, Paris-Brussels and ...

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    California may have first truly high-speed rail in U.S.

    While riding the Shinkansen from Nagoya to Kyoto and back last year, I got a real eye opener. It wasn't just the amazing scenes of sleepy villages and snowy bamboo hillsides that passed by between dark mountain tunnels but rather the vision that had gone into imagining the future. I could picture a ...

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    America to get high speed rail

    Before you get too excited by the headline, I should clarify that by "America," I mean South America. And by "South America," I mean Argentina. An editorial in the International Railway Journal strikes an optimistic note on the surge of plans for high speed rail construction and expansion ...

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    Videos: Jan. 12 was "no pants day" on public transit

    Who says taking the train is boring? January 12th was "no pants" day on the public transit system. It's a prank started by Charlie Todd's Improv Everywhere. There really isn't a point to it and it's not a protest against anything. Well, perhaps they are protesting pants or celebrating legs? Anyway, ...


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