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    Report: China's Trumpchi plug-in hybrid will debut in next Transformers movie

    The Trumpchi E-jet, the plug-in hybrid vehicle first showed off earlier this year by China-based Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd. (GAC), will make its on-screen debut in next year's installment of the "Transformers" movie franchise. Your guess is as good as ours if the car will be a good robot ...

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    Chicago 2009: GM transforms Volt into Jolt, Beat into Skids, Trax into Mudflap

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Chevy Jolt
    GM didn't see fit to invite Megan Fox to the Chicago Auto Show this week, but the General did bring what it thinks are the real stars of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen: the cars. For our purposes, the Chevy Jolt (née Volt) was the ...

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    Fresh from the Transformers toy aisle: the Chevy Volt Jolt

    Ah, finally. Here's a Volt you'll be able to not only buy, but also afford. Courtesy of Seibertron, we present you with what will likely be the first on sale version of the Chevy Volt. Well, OK, this is actually the Chevy Jolt, as will be seen in the upcoming Transformers 2 movie and toy line. ...

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    BREAKING: Is this the production Chevy Volt in Transformers 2?

    Click to enlargeIs the vehicle pictured above the production Chevy Volt? It sure looks like it. It has the right greenhouse profile and judging from the head and tail-lights it looks an awful lot like the teaser shots that GM has been releasing lately. Perhaps the most telling detail though is the ...

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    Transformers sequel to feature Chevy Volt?

    The first installment of Transformers pushed some serious gas guzzling on movie audiences by way of the upcoming Chevy Camaro (with V8 power, naturally) and a Hummer. Our esteemed Mr. Blanco was less than impressed by the movie's lack of green credentials. After all, being nothing more than a ...

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    Will the HUMMER HX concept appear in Transformers 2?

    I had my issues with last summer's Transformers movie, as did some others, about the missed opportunities for green vehicle placement. Remember the HUMMER HX concept from Detroit earlier this year? Looks like it might be the biofuel beast to beat in the sequel. Even as GM considers ditching the ...

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    Transformers in China... more than meets the eye?

    Just before the Transformers movie came out, Sebastian put up a post about what is wrong with the movie. The problem as he saw it is that a great opportunity was missed: the opportunity to push green technology in this big budget Hollywood film. Let's face it, GM spent lots of money to be featured ...

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    We can't let Autoblog have all the fun! Vespa has a Transformers connection.

    Yes, I am looking forward to the live-action Transformers movie. I too was a child of the '80s, watched all the shows and had all the toys. My brother and I must have watched the cartoon movie a hundred times at home. Am I worried about the new movie? Will Michael Bay mess with a good thing? Maybe, ...


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