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    Official: LA orders up to 25 electric buses for transit duty in car-loving city

    The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has signed a contract with BYD Motors for up to 25 new all-electric buses, of a $30-million clean air bus technology pilot project. This is the first time Metro has purchased and placed into revenue service any all-electric ...

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    Official: Ford will start familiar-sounding Ford2go carsharing service in Germany

    With more than a half-million words in the English language and 10 digits to choose from, Ford had ample opportunity to not name its new European carsharing service pretty much the same as a competing service operated by Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler. Alas, opportunity squandered. Sometime before ...

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    Has "peak car" already happened? Are automakers becoming mobility companies?

    The mood at the 2013 North American International Auto Show has been more than upbeat for automakers. Lots of new models and concept cars have been unveiled and automakers think it will be a good year for a solid sales increase. Quartz writer Tim Fernholz looked at it from another angle, raising ...

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    DOT announces $104.1-million clean-fuel transit initiative

    U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced that transit authorities can duke it out for a share of $101.4 million in federal funds by proposing innovative projects that promote the use of "clean fuels" for public transit. Says Secretary LaHood:

    This money supports ...

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    Azure Dynamics selects Lotus for Transit Connect Electric upfits in Europe

    On Tuesday, Ford announced that it had signed a deal to deliver 20 Transit Connect Electrics to the Norwegian Post. Two days after that, Azure Dynamics, the automotive firm that supplies the Connect's ForceDrive electric powertrain, revealed that Lotus Lightweight Structures, a division of Lotus ...

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    Norwegian Post orders 20 Ford Transit Connect Electrics

    The Norwegian Post has become the first European customer to place an order for the Ford Transit Connect Electric. The company has signed a contract to purchase 20 of Ford's eco-friendly vans, which will arrive equipped for postal duties sometime this summer. The Transit Connect Electric ...

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    Chicago preview: all-electric Ford Connect Transit will make an appearance

    Ford Transit Connect at Chicago 2009 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    At the 2008 Chicago Auto Show, Ford unveiled its Transit Connect utility van for the U.S. market. In 2009, the company was back with the urban delivery vehicle, this time decorated for use by a variety of small ...

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    COP 15: Revolve (Roush) hydrogen Ford Transits visit Eco Summit

    During the recently-concluded United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 (it was a failure! It was a success!), one of the many non-gasoline-powered vehicles present was a hydrogen-powered Ford Transit developed by Revolve Technologies (formerly known as Roush Technologies). The van burns ...

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    UK company goes for converted electric Ford Transit vans for landscaping duty

    Click above for high-res gallery of the converted Ford Transits
    If the smaller Ampere electric van (a converted Ford Transit Connect) just doesn't offer enough carrying capacity for all your rakes and shovels, then take a page from Continental Landscapes. The UK-based company recently purchased ...

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    Ford Germany improves performance and delivery of LPG and CNG cars

    Ford Germany has announced that its LPG and CNG-powered cars' performance has been improved. According to the press release, gas-powered Fords have improved their consumption up to 1 liter/100 km, which allows the cars to have 50km (30 miles) more range, that is, about 450 km on gas and 750 ...

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    Caught! Los Angeles transit boss clams up when asked about his Hummer

    Everyone knows that commuting around Los Angeles can be largely a matter of hurry up and wait thanks to the insane number of vehicles on the road. So you might think that the man responsible for mass transit and traffic in LA would set an example by driving something bit smaller and more efficient. ...

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