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    Report: More details on Elon Musk's 4,000-mph Hyperloop travel tubes [w/video]

    For anyone who thought the Tesla Model S was quick, company chief Elon Musk is thinking of a transportation alternative that could make his signature EV feel downright sloth-like. It's called the "Hyperloop." Musk talked about this idea with PandoDaily's Sarah Lacy a year ago, but now Yahoo! is ...

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    Official: Living in sprawl can cost you up to $10,000 extra a year

    Yes, we already knew that living in a home that's far away from work or from city services can be costly because of transportation costs. Now, we have a slightly better idea of how costly. Better Cities, an Ithica, New York-based advocate for growth of mixed-use and more urban communities, ...

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    Study: Strong majority of Americans support higher gas tax to improve roads

    Think of it this way: a teenager cruising in a convertible down Pacific Coast Highway will probably be pretty big on smooth roads. That's sort of the gist of a survey from the Mineta National Transit Research Consortium, which polled more than 1,500 people on their attitudes toward taxation, ...

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    Video: Volvo's 'Tech World' might be shape of things to come, but it's hard to tell

    Reveal just enough to keep things interesting. That's what Volvo's trying to do by launching a website highlighting its efforts to improve its technology related to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. Volvo is producing its "Tech World" website to highlight advancements such as deriving fuel ...

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    Why green cars matter: Climate change could cost $8 trillion by 2030

    Why does widespread adoption of "green" vehicles matter? Well, according to a report released by consultancy group Mercer, along with the World Bank's International Finance Corporation, climate change will significantly impact the transportation, construction, and manufacturing industries over ...

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    DHL Global Forwarding joins EPA Smartway Transport Partnership

    DHL's Global Forwarding division has joined the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) SmartWay Transport Partnership. SmartWay is a collaboration between the EPA and the freight industry that was created back in 2004 with the aim of significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air ...

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    Gen Y doesn't care about cars; will plug-ins attract them to buy one?

    It looks like auto makers have a problem beyond the current state of the economy: Generation Y is pretty disinterested in cars and in buying vehicles and has a penchant for connected gadgets instead of vehicles. Why? The recession and increased concern over the environment are keeping teens and ...

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    Video: Slime mold could make U.S. roads more efficient

    Physarum polycephalum, slime mold, makes map of U.S. – check out the videos after the jump
    Here at ABG, we don't really have a "news of the weird" feature, as much of what we cover would already be considered weird by the general public. That being said, this slime mold thing is weird.

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    Transportation Secretary embraces bicycling, walking for a greener future

    Right now, it seems impossible to imagine a day when bicycles and pedestrians can equally share the roads with cars and trucks in the U.S., but Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood aims to make that day a reality. Recently, LaHood announced a "major policy revision" that will treat cyclists and ...


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