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    Official: Local Motors Verrado Electric Trike drifts past Kickstarter goal

    Well, it looks like Local Motors has blown by its fundraising goal for its Verrado Electric Drift Bike by a cool $6,000 so far. Riding sideways, of course. As it should be. The company put its electric drift trike on Kickstarter earlier this month and raised 50 percent of its $20,000 goal within ...

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    Official: Latest Arcimoto EV trike design features swappable 15.2-kWh battery

    Of all the electric vehicle start-ups we've been covering from the years past, very few are still with us (who here remembers Phoenix or Aptera or Th!nk?). Arcimoto, which first unveiled its EV in 2009, has not taken the EV world by storm, but it is still around. That counts for something, but we ...

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    Official: Elio showing 84-mpg, 3-wheeled trike at CES, on sale in early 2015

    We've seen lots of promotional images of the upcoming Elio three-wheeled, high-efficiency vehicle, but now Elio Motors is ready to show the trike to the world at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show, which starts next week. The vehicle will be on display at the ShowStoppers area of ...

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    ELF is a sun-powered, egg-shaped trike

    Ever hear of the ELF sun-powered tricycle that offers both pedal power and a solar-powered electric motor? We hadn't either (hat tip to Phillip A.), but it's finally getting a bit of attention from the likes of The Wall Street Journal, CNN and on A&E TV's Shipping Wars, where "Cowgirl ...

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    Video: Proposed rule change could bring about new wave of 3-wheel EVs [w/video]

    Just what defines a three-wheeled vehicle? You'd think it would be the number of wheels, but the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) and its Three-Wheel Vehicle Working Group has been thinking about exactly this question, and has come up with a more nuanced definition ...

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    Google Street View uses pedal power to capture world's parks

    In Google's relentless push to map and photograph the world's public spaces, the search giant has saddled up dozens of its engineers into custom trikes to bring its Street View treatment to parks. Using these specially developed tech'd-out trikes, riders can take 360-degree photographs of trails ...

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    VIDEO: Translogic drives the Arcimoto SRK, makes us hopeful

    If you've heard about Arcimoto, an electric vehicle start-up, and have been wondering what's up with the company and their three-wheeled product, wonder no more. Translogic has tracked the company down, taken a fifth-generation prototype – the SRK – for a ride and made one of their ...

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    eBay find of the day: Real-life Steampunk trike could be yours

    There are a lot of interesting vehilces on eBay, but not many of them are quite like the mid-1960s steam-powered specimen pictured above. After all, this vehicle is DIY all the way, from the powertrain – a steam-powered contraption – to the everything else. We don't know a lot ...

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    A zero emissions ride fit for display: Solar E-Trike by artist Josh Hadar

    New York metal sculptor Josh Hadar has created a solar electric trike that's got some kick to it. According to the artist, "The first test ride was a virtual wheelie-fest that left its rider sprawled on the ground." Four 12-volt lead-acid batteries power the 15 horsepower Mars Electric motor ...

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    Report: Aptera raises $9.8 million in new funding, investors not disclosed

    SoCalTech is reporting that Aptera Motors has filed information regarding new funding coming in to the company. According to the report, Aptera has raised an additional $9.8 million to help produce its lightweight Aptera 2e vehicle. Six investors have reportedly chosen to put their funds behind ...

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    Aptera seeks production partner in China, could export 2e to U.S. *UPDATE

    Aptera 2e – Click above for high-res image gallery
    By now, we have all grown accustomed to Aptera announcing setbacks in production, company difficulties and other hardships. But this latest development could truly indicate that the company is trying one last time to get things right and ...

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    BMW gets back into the leaning trike thing with SIMPLE concept [w/VIDEO]

    BMW SIMPLE concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    BMW has been rumored as of late to be pursuing everything from a so-called "0 Series" range of cars to a revival of its Isetta microcar brand, but the Bavarian automaker remains essentially mum on plans to diversify into the ...

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    Ford worker builds DIY 125 mpg aero-trike

    The green-conscious tinkerers over at Ecomodder have a new hero today: user HyperRocket, who is apparently a Ford Motor Company fuel economy technical expert who wanted to really maximize fuel economy with a small vehicle. He started with a 250cc Kawasaki Ninja drivetrain and added a bullet-shaped ...

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    Piaggio Ape reintroduced to UK market

    Perodua UK Limited, the importer of Piaggio Commercial Vehicles, has just announced that it's bringing the classic three-wheeled Ape back to the UK market. First introduced way back in 1948, the Ape (pronounced, ap-ey, FWIW, which is Italian for "bee." Vespa is Italian for "wasp") is based on the ...

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    Ontario could vote against kids in three-wheeled eco cars

    Photo by runneralan2004. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.What makes a motorcycle? We know that a lot of automakers have realized that by going down to three wheels in a "car," they can avoid a lot of the rules and regulations that apply to motorized four-wheelers: crash testing, NEV ...

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    Brudeli introduces Europe to its Leanster

    Click above for more high-res shots of the Brudeli Leanster
    Trikes are pretty hot these days. Whether they lean or not, using three wheels instead of two is a concept that has been gaining traction in an effort to... gain traction. Three contact patches allows for more rubber on the road, ...

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    Editorial: Why make three-wheeled vehicles? Are they legal? Should they be?

    Click above for more images of the Aptera Typ1 eGasoline prices in the United States are helping push along the development of many new vehicles such as the Volt from General Motors. Such game-changing vehicles as the Volt and the original Toyota Prius demand a huge amount of research and, even ...

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    Can-Am hosts Inaugural Spyder Homecoming Owner Event in Canada

    Click above for more shots of the Can-Am SpyderWe are certain that there are quite a number of people on the roads who don't quite know what to make of the Can-Am Spyder. In case you've forgotten about this unique vehicle, it places two wheels at the front with one in back. Powered by a Rotax ...

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    Tango your way to 60 miles per gallon

    I was passing by my local scooter store the other day when I caught a glimpse of what looked like a small three-wheeled road-going vehicle. Since traffic was demanding my attention I didn't get a good look and thought it might be a Cree, an electric three-wheeler from Switzerland, but then I ...

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    Meet the e-Snake, a DIY electric tilting 3-wheeled scooter

    Click on the image for more high-res shotsPowered by lithium ion batteries and motivated by dual rear in-hub electric motors, the University of Padova has created the e-Snake electric tilting three-wheeler. The vehicle was entered into the Formula Electric and Hybrid Italy 2007 student competition, ...


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