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    Official: Public in favor of higher truck fuel efficiency standards
    But 26 Percent Say They're Against Cleaner Trucks 1407930900

    Yes, the most recent poll results from the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) were about as predictable as asking Americans whether they wanted more sunlight or to lose a few pounds. Indeed, when one asks John Q. Public whether he's in favor of better fuel economy for semi trucks, well, the ...

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    Study: One in seven trucks will be alt-fuel by 2035

    More natural gas. Less diesel. That's a quick synopsis of a study by Navigant Research on future fueling trends for trucks. Powertrains that are either plug-in or run on natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (i.e. propane or autogas) represent a small minority of global medium- and heavy-duty ...

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    Report: California truckers not happy with state emission rules

    The California dream is becoming a bit more of a nightmare, at least according to some truckers there. With the California Air Resources Board (CARB) mandating that older trucks be equipped with a special diesel soot filter in order to reduce pollution, trucking advocates are arguing that the ...

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    Trucking association files appeal in federal court on CARB regulation

    The California Construction Trucking Association has filed a notice of appeal with the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. It's the latest in a two-year legal battle against the California Air Resource Board's heavy-duty, on-road truck and bus regulations. The CARB diesel engine regulation ...

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    Official: Chevrolet supports IdleAir to curb emissions from big trucks at rest

    Chevrolet is ready to introduce the coolest thing to happen to big-rig trucking since the days of "Convoy" and "BJ and the Bear." The General Motors division is pitching a product called IdleAir, a system that the automaker says can let truckers maintain enough rest-stop power to run a ...

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    Scania introduces first ethanol-powered trucks

    Scania has announced that, after 20 years of providing ethanol buses, the Swedish company (owned by Volkswagen) is going to sell ethanol trucks from the next model year onwards. The marque also announced agreements to build a network of fueling stations to make it easily available for small ...

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    Cascade Sierra Soltions and U.S. EPA collaborate on Trucking Outreach Center

    Where do the big diesel-powered semi trucks fall on your list of green automotive trends? Not real high? Mine either, to be honest. This is not to say that trucking in not important, or that I want it to stop, that is not the case. As a matter of fact, the American economy is largely dependent on ...


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