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    Read This: The plan is to drive an electric tuk tuk from India to London

    From space age electric tuk tuks to poo-powered tuk tuks, the idea of a cleaner ride is nothing new. Pictured above is yet another alt-energy tuk tuk, this one from a few years ago in Bangkok. The inventor of that solar-powered vehicle was Morakot Charnsomruad, who now sells the EVs through his ...

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    Official: All-electric TukTuk vending van would be right at home on Portlandia

    Want to serve some street food out of the back of an eye-catching, zero-emission three-wheeler? You're in luck. The Tuk Tuk Factory, a Dutch company, recently announced an all-electric modified tuktuk called the e-Tuk Vendo. With a range of 70 kilometers (43 miles) and an expected daily schedule ...

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    Video: Denver Zoo shows off tuk tuk powered by animal poo

    When you run a zoo, we imagine there's a large quantity of animal excrement to dispose of. Fertilizer is the first thing that comes to mind. But there are only so many zoo gardens in need of nutrients. Sooner or later, you're faced with surplus of tiger turds, camel crap and snake, um, ...

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    Tuk Tuk USA gets DOT and EPA approval

    Upon returning from a recent trip to Thailand, some friends of mine related experiences of what it's like to travel on somewhat primitive roads in somewhat primitive vehicles. Disconcerting at first, apparently, but totally acceptable after a few trips prove that it's (relatively) safe. The ...

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    Chicago 2009: TriFun debuts 42 mpg 3-wheel auto cycle

    Click above for a gallery of theTriFun 1/4 Ton EXT
    Almost a year ago, we took a brief look at the new line of 3-wheeled "auto cycles" from TriFun, and the 1/4 Ton EXT model made its debut here at the Chicago Auto Show. Because it features not quite four wheels, the TriFun is considered a ...

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    Tuk Tuk coming to American roads near you?

    We recently reported on the unfortunate demise of the Bajaj 3-wheeler from the American market due to slow sales. Happily, a new brand of funky 3-wheelers is set to make its debut in the U.S. by way of Thailand. Tuk Tuk North America (TTNA) reports that its vehicles are currently undergoing EPA and ...


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