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    Report: More automakers will use turbochargers to meet CAFE standards

    Plug-ins may be getting a lot of the attention from folks looking to cut emissions, but no one is forgetting the good old-fashioned turbocharger. In the end, turbos might even have a far larger impact. Decidedly non-electrification-related features such as turbochargers, eight-speed ...

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    Report: Will fuel-saving gadgets like turbochargers hinder plug-in vehicle adoption?

    In the global battle to reduce emissions, automakers have made considerable strides in boosting the fuel efficiency of internal combustion engines thanks to fuel-saving gadgets like turbochargers. Craig Balis, vice-president of engineers at Honeywell Turbo Technologies, told Reuters:

    The ...

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    Mazda against turbocharging downsized engines to meet mpg goals

    2011 Mazda2 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As automakers scramble to meet looming fuel economy standards, turbocharging downsized gasoline engines has gained popularity in the automotive industry. By adding a turbo to a low-displacement mill, vehicles equipped in this way ...

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    Toyota eyes turbocharging, direct-injection to boost ICE efficiency

    2011 Toyota Corolla – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Recently, Toyota outlined its "eco-car" future, which includes the launch of 11 new or redesigned vehicles by 2012. The majority of the automaker's upcoming vehicle introductions will be conventional hybrid versions of existing ...

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    Opel Zafira 1.6 CNG Turbo: Full details on the first Turbo-charged CNG minivan

    Click on image to get full-size pics of the Opel Zafira ecoFLEX Turbo CNG minivan
    Do you need to haul kids in a zippy van and you don't want it in diesel? Here's a good option for Europeans: the Opel Zafira 1.6 CNG Turbo. We heard not long ago that the Zafira minivan would get the turbo option - ...

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    Mercedes to add turbo engines to entire lineup by 2010

    Pending carbon dioxide emissions regulations in Europe mean that Mercedes Benz will make a major push toward down-sizing engines in the next three years. Thomas Weber, Daimler board member responsible for research and development has announced that every model in the Mercedes lineup will offer a ...

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    Opel adds turbo option to the CNG Meriva

    Until now, if you wanted to drive a large natural gas-powered vehicle, one option was the Opel Zafira which could haul you and your beloved ones around, albeit with only 96 HP from the 1.6-liter engine. Well, since there seems to always be a market for more power, Opel has adapted this engine to a ...

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    Craigslist Find of the Day: '67 Mercury Cougar with Mercedes diesel engine

    Click on the image for high-res shots of this diesel 1967 Mercury CougarMuch of the vegetable oil and biodiesel movement centers around the classic Mercedes-Benz inline six cylinder engine, but fine examples of the genre are getting tougher to find. As is always the case with older machines, time ...

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    GM Launches two new turbocharged engines

    At a Powertrain technology event in Europe, General Motors has announced a pair of new small displacement turbocharged engines. The 1.4L turbo is gasoline fueled and will be used globally in cars like the Opel/Saturn Astra starting in 2010. Depending on the application, the engines will generate ...

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    Continental jumps into turbocharger business

    Car makers the world over are looking for the most cost effective ways to increase fuel economy as fuel prices continue to climb and CO2 limits and fuel economy standards come into force. One approach that seems to be appealing to most is adding direct fuel injection and turbocharging to smaller ...

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    Video: PGO CÚvennes Turbo-compressed natural gas roadster

    BRA GmbH, PGO Automobiles and gasmobil partnered to create PGO Cévennes Turbo-CNG roadster, a car they will introduce at the International Auto Salon in Geneva (March 6 to 16). They are taking pre-orders now and may take the car into production as a series depending on demand. Interested? ...

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    Videos: turbo, fuel injection, air intakes are green

    If I said my car was turbocharged, with electronic fuel injection and it had a giant, cold air, intake scoop on the hood, you might not think it was green, but you should. Technologies like turbo mean greater power but they also mean better fuel economy and car makers are turning to them to make ...

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    Video: Saab Trionic actually cleans the air

    Recently, I wrote about a claim by Jeremy Clarkson that the Porsche 911 Turbo could actually clean the air. A comment to that article referenced a video by Saab about a system called Trionic that you could say cleans the air by "digesting" it. In The video demonstration above, the amount of carbon ...

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    Saab: turbocharged small-capacity flexfuel engines key

    Potential benefits of biofuels seem obvious with a reduced carbon footprint being a key reason. But, as we've covered in the past, alcohol fuels such as ethanol can also increase the performance of an engine if the engine is optimized properly. Saab realizes this fact and is considering ...


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