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    Official: Mercedes-Benz C-Class scores well in TUV lifecycle analysis

    Mercedes-Benz drivers and treehuggers don't always go hand in hand, but, like a lot of other companies, the German automaker is looking to boost its green cred. This time, it's all about the car's lifecycle carbon footprint. The Daimler AG unit is using its new C-Class sedan as an example of how ...

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    Official: Fisker Karma gets rated at 112 mpg from Europe's TUV

    Recently, the Fisker Karma was confirmed to be capable of 51.6 miles in electric range by the European regulatory body TÜV. This was a shade more impressive than the EPA's 32-mile EV range calculation. Now, the TUV is saying that the Karma's CO2 emissions level is 51 g/km CO2, which equates ...

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    Official: Fisker Karma goes 51.6 miles in electric mode

    Battery technology, say the detractors, just isn't there yet. Not enough to make electric vehicles a viable prospect for the majority of drivers at this point. That's what extended-range hybrids are for – to relieve range anxiety and help EVs go that extra mile or two hundred. That's why ...

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    Th!nk gets homologation in the Netherlands, ready to be sold in European Union

    Once a vehicle has been certified for roadworthiness by any member of the European Union, that vehicle can legally be sold in any fellow member country. Such is the case with the Th!nk City, which has just officially passed vehicle inspection in the Netherlands.Issued by the De Rijksdienst voor het ...

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    TÜV Rheinland warns against cheap LPG and CNG conversions

    German motorists are eager to convert their cars to run with LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). However, unless your next car purchase comes with the LPG/CNG conversion as standard, you should be careful where you get your car converted, according to TÜV Rheinland. ...

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    Audi gets record-beating biogas A4 to 203 mph

    Audi has announced a record-beating A4 that has a maximum speed of 327.2 km/h (203 mph). The unusual feature of this A4 is that it runs on biogas, naturally obtained from the anaerobic fermentation of switchgrass. The experiment was performed to promote the use of biogas as an alternative fuel. ...

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    Kia cee'd earns German T??V environmental certificate

    The Kia cee'd is the first Korean car to earn a TÜV environmental certificate. The certificate means that the car is made following the ISO 14040 and ISO 14062 norms, showing that the process of designing the car took its environmental impact into consideration.The ISO 14062 standard relates ...

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    T??V picks the Kia cee'd for latest environmental certificates

    In the process of creating and building the Kia cee'd, Kia has won two environmental certificates from the well-known German institution TÜV. At a ceremony in Seoul, Korea on Friday, TÜV gave Kia DFE (Design for Environment) and a LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) certificates for the way Kia ...


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