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    Report: Renault delaying electric Twingo because no one wants one

    Renault has a problem. Last year, Renault-Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn said the two companies would not meet their collective goal of selling 1.5 million EVs a year by 2016. While sales of the Nissan Leaf have been strong – 115,000 globally so far - Renault sold less than 20,000 its EVs like ...

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    Report: Smart ForFour, Renault Twingo going rear-wheel drive on same platform

    The alliance between Smart parent Daimler and Renault-Nissan is getting stronger with word that the companies' ForFour and Twingo urban minicars will share a rear-wheel drive platform. A three-year-old collaboration agreement has Renault-Nissan producing gasoline and electric versions of the ...

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    Report: Renault-Nissan, Daimler working on pair of electric vehicles for 2014 debut

    There's now word that the Daimler AG and Renault-Nissan tie-up, a collaborative deal that was made official back in April of 2010, is set to expand to include a compact Infiniti model that will feature a platform developed by Mercedes-Benz as well as a pair of electric vehicles. These are all ...

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    Report: Next-gen Renault Twingo to get 900cc 3-cylinder engine

    Renault Twingo Eco – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Before Renault can launch its fifth battery-powered model – an electrified version of its Twingo minicar dubbed the Twingo Z.E. – the vehicle it's based on will have to debut and that's the next-gen Twingo, which is ...

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    Report: Launch of next-gen Smart Fortwo, Renault Twingo pushed back to 2014

    Back in February of 2010, the Daimler duo of Dieter Zetsche and Thomas Weber struck a deal with Renault-Nissan to develop a pair of next-generation vehicles that was to be due in 2013. Under the agreement, Daimler gets a next-gen Smart Fortwo, while the Franco-Japanese conglomerate gets a ...

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    Report: Electric Renault Twingo coming in 2014

    Renault Twingo Eco – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Renault will launch its fifth battery-powered model, an electrified version of its Twingo minicar, dubbed the Twingo Z.E. (Zero Emission), in the second half on 2014. When it hits the market, the electric Twingo will join ...

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    Enter the rumormill: Renault to build a Smart/IQ contender

    Renault Twingo - Click above for a complete gallery
    A few French media outlets are toying with the possibility that Renault could build a microcar to compete with the smart fortwo, the Toyota IQ or even the upcoming Volkwagen Up! The idea would be to use a shortened version of the current Twingo, ...

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    Production of Renault Twingo, other French minicars up thanks to scrappage plans

    Click above for a high res gallery of the Renault Twingo
    German car sales shot up after that country started a plan that paid owners of old cars to scrap their rides and buy new ones. It worked so well that the UK and the U.S. quickly started thinking about putting similar plans in place. ...

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    Renault to unveil a Twingo-based roadster

    If you think that the current generation of the Renault Twingo - a fairly low-polluting car and quite useful on crowded European cities - isn't that much of a looker, take a look at this first image of the Twingup. I happen to like to first-gen Twingo, but can appreciate that Renault has taken some ...

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    New Renault Twingo, Under 120 g/km CO2 and no diesel

    For those who hate diesel but still want to have low CO2 emitting cars, Renault is offering a solution: A new variant of the Twingo has been introduced that emits 120 g/km and burns 5.1 l of unleaded for each 100 km (46mpg U. S.). This qualifies for France's 700€ bonus for low-polluting cars. ...

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    Inflated-Eco: Renault to withdraw Twingo ad in U.K.

    Click on the image to enter our galleryContinuing their effort to be sure that all advertisements in the U.K. are "legal, decent, honest and truthful", the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has asked Renault to withdraw an ad for their Twingo which apparently showed leaves being emitted from ...

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    Renault Twingo coming June 15

    The new Renault Twingo is set to hit dealer floors in Europe on June 15, says Automotive News Europe (subs req'd). The compact and low-emissions Twingo (the beefiest petrol model emits 140 grams of CO2 per kilometer) will also come with a 1.5 dCi diesel engine option. Renault has sold over 2.4 ...

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    Renault opens a new chapter with the New Twingo

    We get a lot of PR material from automakers here at AutoblogGreen, but it's a rare day when the press release describing a new car comes with chapter breaks. Yet that's exactly how Renault is presenting their New Twingo, a small vehicle with a big heart. Apparently, if you like to read, you're ...

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    On Point crawls into tiny cars, and some are stackable

    On yesterday's On Point, the NPR radio show, the topic was small. Tiny, actually. Tiny cars. These vehicles - cars like the SMART, the Renault Twingo, or the Ford Ka - are gaining interest here as gas prices rise. On Point featured five voices of those in the know, including Rick Woodbury, the ...


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