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    Two Wheels: Ryno Motors single wheel scooter gets driven, is now easier to turn

    The ranks of would-be/could-be/wannabe electric vehicles includes several that have three wheels and plenty of two wheeled transports that are already actively cruising the highways on nothing but those crazy electrons. However one-wheeled EVs are, if not quite as rare as a unicorn, at least a lot ...

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    Video: Focus Designs introduces SBU V2.0; a one-wheeled electric wonder

    Focus Designs SBU V2.0 – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Introducing a one-wheeled electric wonder with the words, "friends, nerds, countrymen, lend me your ears," might not be the best approach, but it's been chosen as the catch phrase for Focus Designs' much-improved Self ...

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    VIDEO: eniCycle electric unicycle is balanced minimalism

    eniCycle Electric Unicycle - Click above to watch video after the jump
    We've seen a few motorized unicycles in the past, but inventor Aleksander Polutnik may have come up with the simplest, most environmentally version to date. His gyrotastic gadget was created so he could hang with his ...

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    A two seat unicycle?

    Click above for more shots of the Bi-Cycle tandem bikeWhat do you get when you combine two unicycles into one machine? A headache, if you ask us. And questions too. For instance: Who's leading who? With the Bi-Cycle tandem bike, the two riders face opposite sides of each other, leaving both ...

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    Friday Humor: How to reduce the fuel consumption of a motorcycle even further

    How to further reduce the fuel consumption of a motorcycle:Step One: Find a motorcycle.Step Two: Disassemble motorcycleStep Three: Reassemble motorcycleStep Four: Hmmm... Where was this other wheel supposed to go?We're not sure if those were the exact steps taken to arrive at the vehicle you see ...

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    Picture a one-wheeled Harley-Davidson running nitrous...

    Being quite enamored by our recent posts regarding three-wheeled motorcycles as alternative transportation, and bolstered even further by our recent find of two-wheeled cars, I decided to check out the possibility of one-wheeled motorcycles. I don't have much information besides these pictures, ...


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