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    Study: US drivers could use more EV cost-benefit education

    Maybe the problem with electric vehicles isn't with the cars themselves but with the shoppers. Or potential shoppers. Or the not-so-potential shoppers. That's the message from a new survey from Indiana University and University of Kansas researchers, who found that US car shoppers "know little ...

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    Study: Governments support EVs not for eco benefits, but for jobs

    Economists have long argued that there's no better medicine for an ailing economy than a good old-fashioned war. Now, some analysts are arguing that the nascent plug-in vehicle industry is fulfilling the same purpose. Job creation, and not environmental benefits, is the primary reason why many ...

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    The Automotive X prize is for chumps - Kansas students aiming for 500 mpge

    We've told you about the University of Kansas EcoHawks before. They're a group of engineering students from KU who are trying to build a car that will get 500 miles per gallon-equivalent. One of their ongoing projects is a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle that they've converted to be a series hybrid ...

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    KU EcoHawks turn 1974 Volkswagen Beetle into a biodiesel-electric hybrid [w/VIDEO]

    KU's biodiesel hybrid Beetle - Click above to watch the videos after the jump
    At the University of Kansas, a group of students is working small and thinking big. The EcoHawk students are part of a mechanical engineering senior project that is building small, 1/8th scale ecocars and has also ...

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    University of Kansas' Meridian UAV will fly over Arctic ice

    Usually, when we cover things like airplanes, it's because they are powered by alternative energy sources, like solar. Sometimes, we focus on flying machines which are lighter than air. This one, though, has caught our interest for another reason entirely, namely, taking detailed pictures and ...


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