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    Report: Tesla looking ahead to certified used car program for Model S

    Few people associate Tesla Motors with the classic shady dealings of a used-car lot, but the electric-vehicle maker may be moving in that direction with its Model S. The California-based company very publicly guaranteed buying back its electric sedans from any owners who wanted to get rid of them ...

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    Report: Sometimes, used Tesla Model S EVs are more expensive than new ones

    Time is money, and when it comes to the well-heeled folks who can afford to buy a Tesla Model S luxury electric sedan, that time becomes all the more expensive. That's the explanation behind an iSeeCars survey that found that a typical used Model S is priced higher than the new ones coming from ...

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    Report: Tesla's vehicle buyback program could yield $368m profit in 2016

    Good news, everyone. If we can manage set aside about $37,000 over the next couple of years, a Tesla Model S, a used one, will be ours. That's one of the findings in a Bloomberg Industries study on Tesla's financing, vehicle buyback and resale programs. With the typically unconventional Tesla ...

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    Confirmed: KBB, ALG awards recognize hybrids with best resale value

    For car shoppers doing their math on lifecycle ownership costs, hybrid electric vehicles always present the challenge of being more expensive – maybe $5,000 more – than comparable non-hybrid models. High gasoline prices can help tip the scale in favor of gas-electrics, as do great ...

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    Report: Nissan Leaf holds value better than Chevy Volt, Toyota Prius

    If you drive a Nissan Leaf and aren't completely satisfied with it, now'd be a pretty good time to sell. That's the conclusion of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), whose most recent guide indicated that the battery-electric Leaf holds 95 percent of its value after a year, ...

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    Report: Values of small used cars fall in lockstep with gas prices

    The Detroit News reports used small-car prices are plummeting right along with fuel prices. The news comes courtesy of a National Automobile Dealers Association study, which says gas prices have dropped an average of 3.5 percent compared to last year. In yet another shocking reminder of just how ...

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    Official: KBB: Used hybrid prices jump 6% in February on gas-price surge

    Used hybrid-electric vehicle prices jumped six percent in February, Kelley Blue Book said, adding that used hybrids and fuel-efficient compact cars could see a 20 percent hike in resale values this year. The average auction value of a hybrid car was $16,974 as of March 2, up $960 from four weeks ...

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    Dealers snatching up used hybrids, four-cylinder vehicles

    Soaring gasoline prices have led to ferocious competition among auto dealers for used hybrid and four-cylinder compact and subcompact cars. At used-vehicle auctions, dealers like Todd Caputo, owner of Sun Chevrolet and three used-car lots in Syracuse, NY, claim that the race to snatch up ...

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    Toyota certified used sales unaffected by recalls, Prius still desirable

    As everyone is aware, Toyota had a rough February. Stories surfaced virtually every where regarding the troubles that the company was and still is facing. From an image in tatters to a loss of confidence in the brand, many had feared the worst. Several lawsuits against Toyota were filed on behalf ...

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    This one's just fine, thanks; car owners putting 50,000 more miles on their cars

    Lifecycle CO2 analysis. Higher miles per gallon ratings for new vehicles. End-of-life recycling. These things will matter to fewer and fewer people because, AutoMD has some interesting numbers out this week about how long people are keeping their vehicles these days. An online survey of car ...

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    Some new cars cheaper than used, including Altima and Civic hybrids

    One of the options we looked at in last week's Greenlings post on buying a new green car was whether a used car or a new hybrid or diesel made more sense. Turns out our friends at Green Car Advisor have found out a little more information on new cars and used cars that should be part of anyone's ...

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    What should I consider before buying a "green" car?

    2010 Honda Insight – Click above for high-res gallery
    Car sales have totally tanked. So what good is a post on buying the right green car? Well, the reality is that most people in the U.S. still need a car to get around and, with the possibility of a "cash for clunkers" deal moving through ...

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    Peru to stop used cars imports in 2010

    Poor countries usually don't have enough resources, and people who earn the median income often can't afford new cars. Instead, they rely on getting used imports. This is the case in Peru, where the government has just authorized importing used cars until 2010. However, this authorization has a ...

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    U.S. economy speeds up the used car market

    How much per month are you willing to pay for your car? Rising gas prices and the worsening economy have many people reconsidering their automobile purchases. Think of it this way: if you had $400 budgeted per month for your car payment and gasoline, the more you spend to fill up, the less you have ...

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    Despite Goverment efforts and high gas prices, Britons are buying more polluting cars

    Although other sources state that Britons are buying smaller and more efficient cars during this year, used car hypermarket chain Carcraft announced that they sold more used dirtier cars in 2007 than ever, despite the higher vehicle duty (tax) and the higher cost of gasoline. According to Carcraft ...

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    Your old guzzler is headed south of the border

    If you thought trading in your old gas-guzzling car or truck for a shiny new hybrid or subcompact would help the planet by taking it off the road for good, you'd better think again. Shipping those old road warriors south to Mexico is now a big business. According to the Los Angeles Times, the ...

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    In the market for a new-to-you car? Want the best mileage possible?

    Alright, so we covered the raising gas prices the other day, and I am sure that you probably noticed them on your own the last time you filled-up. I did... $3.05 a gallon was the cheapest 87 octane in Toledo that I happened to run across yesterday. Last week, we ran a little story about a consumer ...

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    Used Honda Civic more efficient than a new hybrid?

    While hybrids have gotten most of the attention from American drivers looking for better fuel economy in the last few years, they are far from the only solution and very likely not even the best solution especially if you spend any significant amount driving on the highway. Hybrids are generally ...


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