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valentines day

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    Video: Biofuel group Fuels America gives snarky Valentine to Big Oil

    What's this? A yoga woman in seated pose praising oil companies and the billions in profits and huge government subsidies they get saying, with a radiant smile, "That's awesome!" Two oil-drenched birds standing together. One of them chirps, "I love what this oil does to my feathers. They're so ...

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    Happy Valentines! Tesla lover says it with Roadster

    There are lots of ways to say "I love you" on Valentines Day, but for people who like their cars fast and electric, a Tesla Roadster tops a dozen roses. Quite possibly, two dozen. At least, that's what the northernmost Tesla Motors fan thinks. Jens Kratholm just made the vast majority of men on ...

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    It's Friday: Green driving techniques help you live the spirit of Valentine's day

    St. Valentine's day is tomorrow and, if you are planning to do something special, think about applying your green driving techniques to the quest for love. Before you reach for things to throw at my head, let me make clear that these, um, tips come from the British Environmental Transport ...


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