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    Official: Volvo's One Tonne Life inspiring Swedish family to lower CO2 emissions

    Another Swedish family is taking the One Tonne Life eco-challenge from Volvo and is enjoying the results. This time, it's the Jogensjö family, which is taking on the challenge three years after the Lindell family did the same. Only the Jogensjös get to drive around in a Volvo V60 ...

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    Mini E fleet trials enter phase two in Berlin

    BMW Group, along with Vattenfall Europe, has announced that the Mini E field trial in Berlin, Germany is entering phase two. In total, seventy of the electrified Minis will hit the roads, with 30 going to private customers and 40 earmarked for fleet users. The aim of the trial, funded by the ...

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    Volvo and Vattenfall team up to develop plug-in hybrid [w/video]

    Volvo plug-in hybrid - click above for a hi-res gallery
    Volvo and Vattenfall have just made an announcement that should hurry the Swedish car maker along the hybrid highway. The two companies have partnered to develop a plug-in diesel hybrid that should begin series production in 2012 with the ...

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    50 MINI E vehicles bound for Berlin

    Did you think that MINI would leave Germany without a MINI E test? No way. Perhaps because SMART is doing something similar, Berlin is going to get 50 MINI E vehicles for testing. MINI has partnered with Swedish energy company Vattenfall so that the electricity powering these cars will be ...

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    First carbon capture plant starts up in Germany

    Swedish company Vattenfall has announced that its carbon plant with an incorporated CO2 capture facility in Stemberg, Germany, started working this week. The plant, which features proprietary technology to reduce pollutants, stores the CO2 inside an abandoned gas field in Altmark, Germany. How does ...

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    Volvo & Saab teaming up to bring 10 plug-in hybrids on the road by 2009

    The Volvo ReChargeWell, for this post we're going to need to rely on our tipster, Stefan N. The link he sent is to a story in Norwegian (I think), a language I can't read. Therefore it's difficult for me to confirm any of what Stefan N. says (and Google Translate doesn't have Norwegian). Still, ...


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