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vectrix scooter

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    Two Wheels: Vectrix electric scooter company goes bankrupt, again

    Let's just say Vectrix has filed for bankruptcy one time for each wheel on its battery-electric scooters. This time, though, it's Chapter 7, Boston Business Journal reports, citing bankruptcy court filings. Since that usually involves liquidation, it's safe to say that the company's number is ...

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    Vectrix lives on with expanded electric scooter lineup

    It appears that Vectrix has emerged from bankruptcy with a bang. Back in September 2009, the electric scooter maker officially filed for bankruptcy. Now, the New Bedford, MA-based company has revealed a lineup of emissions-free scooters that seem to indicate that it's ready to get back in on ...

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    Vectrix back with lithium ion powered motor scooter

    Vectrix VX-1 electric scooter - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The last time we heard anything about Vectrix, the manufacturer of electric scooters had been rescued from bankruptcy by Hong Kong-based GP Batteries. Until now, the Vectrix VX-1 has only been available with a ...

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    REPORT: Vectrix Scooters saved by GP Batteries

    Vectrix VX-1 electric scooter - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Vectrix may soon be back in business as Hong Kong-based GP Batteries has purchased the so-called New Vectrix company for $5 million. That sum is comprised of $1.75 million in cash and the assumption of up to $3.3 million in ...

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    REPORT: Vectrix ready to file for bankruptcy

    Vectrix scooter - click for high-res image gallery
    According to the Providence Journal, electric scooter maker Vectrix has laid off nearly all of its employees and is likely headed for bankruptcy within the next 30 days if new investors or a buyer isn't found in time. A quick visit to the ...

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    Vectrix in trouble, may be for sale

    Over the last few weeks, we've heard rumblings around the internet that electric scooter maker Vectrix might not be on firm financial footing. The first signs of trouble became apparent last month as reports from the UK indicated that Vectrix "will not be able to publish its Report and Accounts for ...

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    Details on Vectrix VX-1E and VX-2 filter in

    Click above for more shots of the Vectrix maxiscooter
    Vectrix used the New York Motorcycle Show to introduce its two newest electric scooters last week. Until today, we were still a bit hazy on what changes were made to the VX-1E as compared to the original VX-1 that allowed Vectrix to lower the ...

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    Vectrix to debut VX-2 and VX-1E on Friday

    Click above for more shots of the Vectrix maxiscooter
    We've been anticipating the release of a few new soots from Vectrix, the only current manufacturer of electric maxiscooters. The flagship model has been named VX-1 and two new models are set to be debuted at the motorcycle show in New York, ...

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    ROBRADY wins Red Dot Design Award for Vectrix electric superbike

    Click above image for a high-resolution gallery of the Vectrix Superbike concept
    We've been enamored with ROBRADY's design for an electric superbike since we first saw it over a year ago. It may have taken a while, but the electric motorcycle (the design was commissioned by Vectrix, the electric ...

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    Vectrix announces 2009 Vx-1, two new models and an accessories line

    Click above for more shots of the Vectrix maxiscooter
    There's an old adage in motorcycling, applying to dirtbikes mostly, that if a manufacturer doesn't have many updates to make for a specific model year, there's always Bold New Graphics. Such is the case with the 2009 edition of the Vectrix ...

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    F1 driver Giancarlo Fisichella now an "Electric Ambassador"

    Click above for more shots of the Vectrix electric scooter
    Sure, Formula 1 is trying to introduce fuel-savings technologies in the coming years, starting with the KERS system that is currently being tested. Will we ever see the day when electric F1 cars are whizzing past gawking spectators across ...

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    Bob Lutz finds out first-hand what happens when you run out of juice

    Click on the image above for more shots of Lutz and the VectrixBob Lutz, GM's formost Volt-pusher, loves himself some electric vehicles. As the owner of four (that's right... dude's got four!) Segways and a Vectrix Scooter, he's surely gotten used to the charging ritual. Still, accidents happen, ...

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    Video: Vectrix electric scooters lead Boston Marathon

    Click on the image to watch the full videoAs the video pasted after the break points out, running a 26 mile marathon is a tough task as it is. Though this writer couldn't hope to complete one anyway, doing so while bracketed by pollution-spewing cars and motorcycles makes it that much harder. So, ...

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    Cycle World rides the Vectrix

    Our site has not been short on news about the Vectrix electric scooter... but here's another report on it anyway. The fact that Cycle World found it fit to test ride and offer an opinion is a good thing, considering the fact that Cycle World is a major publication and their opinion is likely to ...

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    New video of the Vectrix electric scooter from its U.K. introduction

    The Vectrix electric maxi-scooter was released across the pond a few weeks ago, and Motorcycle News was there for its unveiling. Today, we bring you a video that they were able to grab while in attendance. A maxi-scooter is, as the name implies, larger than the average scooter and is capable ...

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    You too can ride like an animal after watching this Piaggio MP3 video. Scary!

    This video of the Piaggio MP3 in action must be trying to show how the MP3 can bring the animal out of you; or at least make you ride like one. I guess... maybe. If nothing else, you can enjoy the soundtrack and watch the great action! I am impressed by this three-wheeler. Impressed enough to ...


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