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    ETC: Elon Musk: "I am not the kale eating overlord of Mars"

    Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and chief designer of space exploration technologies for SpaceX, had a lighthearted umbrage moment with an affront made on him and his space travel company, recently. It wasn't really the request made by animal rights group PETA that SpaceX trips to Mars only offer passengers ...

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    Eating his words: Michael Pollan retracts Hummer-vegan/Prius-meat-eater comment

    Want to give your public pronouncement a little zing? Try throwing in the words Hummer and Prius and imply that the SUV is better for the earth than the Prius. CNW sure knows the value of making the false claim. Last week, author Michael Pollan tried a similar trick when he said at the 2009 Poptech ...

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    Chevy describes its car as "vegetarian" in TV ad

    I saw a TV commercial for a Chevy flex fuel car last night. The format for the ad was a lot like the Chevy Volt commercial: kids learning about a car outdoors with a teacher. The interesting part of the ad was the teacher's description of the flex fuel car as "vegetarian." I find the description of ...

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    Vegans driving Hummers: Greener than a meat eating Prius owner?

    We don't have much history covering the debate between being a vegetarian versus eating meat, and for good reason: we are first and foremost an automotive blog. From time to time, we do branch off and cover other green issues, as we believe that our readership is broad and enjoys those occasional ...


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