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    Read This: Tesla puts emphasis on hiring military veterans

    When we think of American car companies, brands that come to mind immediately are Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, and if you're an AutoblogGreen reader, Tesla Motors. The California-based maker of electric vehicles doesn't treat that lightly, as we find in an article from the San Jose Mercury ...

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    Official: Vets group says EPA should stand up to Big Oil, stand up for US military

    Hundreds of thousands of people are waiting for the US Environmental Protection Agency to issue its final ruling on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Over 110,000 signatures were collected by the group (often politically active on energy issues), which delivered its petition with ...

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    Report: Back home, U.S. veterans install EV charging stations with VetCars

    America's first line of defense against enemy forces is doing the same against range anxiety. A U.S. government program that pays military veterans to install Eaton Corp.-produced electric-vehicle charging stations is expanding, Green Car Reports says. Under the VetCars program, which involves ...

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    Supporting the troops who call for higher CAFE standards

    U.S. military veterans' groups are getting involved in the Congressional mileage debate. The AP reports that about three dozen veterans from the group New Hampshire for Peace wrote a letter to Congress this week calling for the 35 mpg level in the CAFE standards to remain in the final bill. The ...


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