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    Electric Terry dominates Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge

    The Vetter Fuel Economy Challenges are events in which participants try to cover a large amount of distance using the least amount of money for fuel. The latest involved a 172-mile trip through the hills and highways of Northern Utah and was won, nay, dominated by Terry Hershner aboard his ...

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    Craig Vetter back at work designing low-consumption 2-wheelers

    Click above for more images of Craig Vetter's latest projectCraig Vetter and his unique streamlined two-wheelers have been mentioned on these pages in the past, and the man is back at it again. His latest project has a stated goal of getting "100 miles to the gallon of gas at 70 mph in a 20 mph ...

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    Craig Vetter Streamliner - created in the name of fuel economy

    We've wondered aloud whether motorcycles need to be as large, heavy and even as powerful as they often are, and it turns out that we are not the only ones who have noticed this trend. Craig Vetter, the man behind the Windjammer fairing and the Triumph Hurricane, found out himself that by changing ...


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