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    Exclusive: Plug In 2014: VIA makes the case for 'free' plug-in hybrid work vans, trucks
    Who Makes More Money On Every Truck Sold, Chevy Or Chevron? 1406920440

    If you're a fleet manager who's been waiting anxiously for the chance to buy a plug-in hybrid van from Via Motors, your wait is almost over. If you work for the right fleet, anyway. David West, the chief marketing efficer for VIA Motors, took AutoblogGreen for a ride around the San Jose ...

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    Official: Bob Lutz named chairman at Via Motors

    Bob Lutz is staying very busy. The ex-vice chairman of General Motors, and champion of the Chevrolet Volt, has been named chairman of the board at Via Motors. Lutz will need to squeeze that in between his role as senior advisor at vehicle interior designer Katzkin, being an owner at VL Automotive ...

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    Official: Via PHEV van shuttles movie fans around Sundance

    It's not exactly "Leo buys a Fisker Karma" territory, but at least we're talking about a company that's still in business. In this case, it's Via Motors, converter of GM vans and pickup trucks into extended-range plug-in vehicles. The company is getting its own bit of movie magic, courtesy of the ...

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    Report: 100 Via Motors PHEV utility vehicles headed to Canada

    Canada is going to soon make a big mark in the global market for electric trucks and vans, thanks to a deal with Via Motors. Sun Country Highway, a Canadian company dedicated to the adoption of zero emission transportation, has inked an $80-million deal with Via to purchase plug-in hybrids for ...

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    Official: Via Motors plugs into Recargo's Plugshare charging app

    Recargo, Inc., and Via Motors have made an agreement to simplify the charging process for drivers of plug-in hybrid electric trucks and vans. At the Detroit Auto Show this week, the two companies announced an agreement to add Recargo's Plugshare charging station finder in Via's in-dash EV ...

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    Official: VIA Motors readies production in Mexico, crash tests PHEV van

    Well at least it wasn't the governor of San Luis Potosi, Mexico who was crash-testing a Via Motors extended-range plug-in hybrid truck. Because that would've been weird. This week, Via opened its first-ever production assembly line – located in that central Mexican state – and ...

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    Official: Via Motors wins $20-million SCAQMD contract for PHEV trucks

    That demonstration Via Motors made with its extended-range plug-in trucks in San Francisco a few months back must've made some impression. At the Plug In Conference in San Diego, CA last week, the company announced it has won a $20-million contract to supply the South Coast Air Quality Management ...

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    Report: Via Motors VTRUX plug-in hybrid truck stands ready to power your block

    Via Motors says its extended-range plug-in trucks can provide power generation for something a little more essential than a tailgate party or a camping trip. The company, which notably has former General Motors executive Bob Lutz as a pitchman, showed off one of its VTRUX pickups at San ...

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    Report: Bob Lutz: Volt plug-in powertrain should have gone into Escalade first

    Now he tells us. Bob Lutz, who helped spearhead the development of the Chevrolet Volt at General Motors, told UK's Autocar that the Volt's extended-range plug-in powertrain would've been better developed for full-size SUV than a smaller-sized car because of the greater opportunity to cut fuel use ...

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    Detroit: Bob Lutz-approved Via X-Truck offers 800 hp, 100 MPGe

    Give Bob Lutz a little bit of time and a big idea, and he will create for the world "the kind of vehicle I would like to own." That's what he called the X-Truck concept – from the Lutz-affiliated Via Motors – which debuted at the Detroit Auto Show. If you're thinking that the X-Truck ...

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    Video: Bob Lutz says Via Motors' X-Truck makes Prius look like a 'gas guzzler'

    No one's ever accused Bob Lutz of underselling his products, and the former General Motors Vice Chairman – a key development force for the Chevrolet Volt – is at it again with Via Motors. Via, which will present three new full-size extended-range plug-ins at Detroit's North American ...

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    Bob Lutz joins GM-backed NanoSteel

    NanoSteel Company, a nano-structured steel materials designer, has announced that one of the most quotable characters in the auto industry, Bob Lutz, has joined its board of directors. The 10-year-old, Providence, RI-based company says that it "has achieved a significant breakthrough in the ...

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    Why Bob Lutz is wrong about A123 Systems' new Chinese investor

    A message to Bob Lutz, former General Motors vice chairman, and proponent of the Chevrolet Volt and Via Motors' plug-in electric vehicles. Regarding your guest column in Forbes lambasting the federal government for granting battery maker A123 Systems a Department of Energy grant and allowing a ...

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    Video: Bob Lutz and his Volt-like truck visit Jay Leno's Garage

    Bob Lutz recently stopped by to see Jay Leno at the comedian's Big Dog Garage, and the legendary auto executive has brought along his latest project, an extended-range VTrux electric pickup by Via Motors. The creation combines a 4.3-liter V6 with an electric motor to offer around 50 miles of ...

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    Official: Via, Verizon reach agreement to test extended-range plug-in utility vehicles

    Via Motors, the extended-range plug-in hybrid utility vehicle maker that unveiled the VTrux at the Detroit Auto Show this January, has reached an agreement to provide Verizon Communications with a test fleet of vehicles. Via will provide Verizon with a pickup truck and cargo van for the testing ...

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    Detroit: Via Motors introduces three plug-in hybrid work vehicles, starting with $79,000 truck

    The big draw at the official launch of the Via Motors plug-in hybrid work vehicles – truck, SUV and van – during the Detroit Auto Show was, unsurprisingly, Bob Lutz. Sadly, Maximum Bob didn't unleash any instantly classic line about global warming but he did say that Via Motors is ...

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    Official: A123 will supply battery packs for Via extended-range plug-in trucks

    Lithium-ion battery-pack maker A123 Systems, whose customers include General Motors, Fisker and ALTe, reached an agreement to make battery packs for Via Motors, which next week will unveil what Via says will be the world's first extended-range plug-in pickup truck, SUV and van. A123's ...

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    Detroit: Bub Lutz, Via Motors introducing plug-in hybrid truck at Detroit

    When Bob Lutz joined forces with hybrid conversion company Via Motors earlier this fall, we wrote that, "it's unclear exactly what kind of role Lutz will play in the company or what his duties will be." Turns out that at least one of his assignments will be to take to the stage at the Detroit ...

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    Report: Bob Lutz joining EV maker VIA Motors

    Bob Lutz is apparently planning to keep busy in his retirement. In addition to snapping up an advisory role with General Motors, the former automotive executive has just announced that he is joining up with VIA Motors, an electric vehicle manufacturer responsible for converting full-size GM ...

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    Via Motors offers Raser E-REV truck tech for fleets in 2011, individuals in 2013

    If you liked the E-REV powertrain that Raser Technologies brought to SAE 2009 (and later, to the Moab) wrapped up in a Hummer H3 and wondered when that tech might get commercialized, well, wonder no more. Via Motors has now emerged to do just that. While there hasn't yet been a blaring of ...


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