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    Report: NIssan Leaf comes to SimCity, makes first free DLC an ad

    Nissan has rolled out several more public charging stations to support Leaf electric car drivers in their travels. Sounds great, but these stations require a vivid imagination and Internet access – since they're only available to SimCity gamers. On April 2, the "Nissan Leaf Charging ...

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    Nissan launches video game-like "The Planet Zero" site

    In the wee hours of the morning, Nissan opened the portal to its video game-like promotional website, "The Planet Zero," where gamers visitors can experience a virtual zero-emissions society in an "understandable way." The site was launched as part of the automaker's comprehensive strategy that ...

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    Take the Honda CR-Z on a virtual race with 3 Mode Mania

    Got a hankering to waste some of your precious Thursday evening on a video game? Like hybrid cars? Well then, we've got great news for you! Honda has gone ahead and created the online game of your wildest dreams: 3 Mode Mania. Naturally, the subject of the game is the new 2011 CR-Z, and, as is ...

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    Gran Turismo 5 may let you damage a Tesla Roadster to your heart's content

    Gran Turismo 5 damage rendering - Click above to watch video on Autoblog
    Big budget racing games like Gran Turismo 5 need to continuously up the ante to keep gamers pretending they're driving some of the world's more powerful cars on courses around the globe. The latest, most dramatic addition to ...

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    Video: Tesla in Project Gotham Racing 4 ad

    digg_url = ''; Recently, we told you the 2008 Tesla electric car would be in the Xbox 360 video game Project Gotham Racing 4. We even showed you a few behind the scenes videos of the commercial, featuring ...


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