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    Report: Virginia will scrap illogical tax on hybrid vehicles

    That sound you hear is the sound a few thousand Toyota Prius owners from the Old Dominion State clapping. That's because a tax on hybrids that Virginia enacted last year will most likely be eliminated. The Virginia Senate this week voted to repeal the tax, which hit hybrid drivers up for an ...

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    Official: Tesla owners will celebrate Supercharger network with DC meet-up

    Groucho Marx famously said that he'd never belong to a club that would have him as a member. When it comes to this particular club, though, we're going to beg to differ. The Tesla Motors Club is putting out the call for what they're calling the "All Superchargers Lead to DC" tour for Presidents ...

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    Report: Yes, Virginia, Tesla may get a dealership in your state

    It may not be "Mr. Musk Goes to Washington," but it's about as close has you can get. Tesla Motors has reached an agreement with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association that could get the electric-vehicle maker a couple of steps closer to opening ...

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    Report: GreenTech Automotive makes EV deal with JAC; founder McAuliffe in political hot water

    GreenTech Automotive may have lost its founder, but it has renewed an integral growth strategy – partnerships with Chinese automakers. The Mississippi-based electric car company has made an agreement with Chinese automaker JAC (Jianghuai Automobile Co.) to bring 2,000 battery electric ...

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    Report: Terry McAuliffe leaves MyCar EV startup

    Being one of the founders of an electric car company can be a bittersweet experience, as top executives at Aptera, Tesla and Fisker have found out. We can now add another name to the list: Terry McAuliffe, founder of GreenTech Automotive, quietly stepped out of the picture late last year. This ...

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    Report: DC-area electric taxi plan runs into opposition

    It looks like one Washington, DC-area cab operator looking to have an all-electric fleet of cabs isn't quite ready for takeoff. Officials in Arlington, VA, unanimously voted against green-lighting Electric Vehicle Taxicab founder Malik Khattak's efforts to go all-Nissan Leaf with his fleet ...

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    Virginia governor signs executive order calling for state's transition to alternative-fuel vehicles

    In a bold and sort of unexpected move, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has signed an executive order calling for widespread use of natural gas, electric or other alternative-fueled vehicles throughout the Commonwealth. The Virginia Office of Fleet Management Services, which oversees ...

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    Plug-In 2010: Evatran's Plugless Power parking block puts proximity charging under your car

    Trying to wrap your head around what, exactly, Evatran is offering with its proximity charging system isn't easy for someone without a good grasp of plug-in vehicle charging technology. Even then, the company's wireless charging system, on display at at the Plug-In 2010 Conference in San Jose, CA ...

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    Ethanol scam going on in Virginia?

    The Virginia State Agriculture Department is investigating gas stations that might be selling people bad gas. In this case, "bad" means too much ethanol. While the maximum percentage of ethanol that can be blended with unleaded fuel in that state is 10 percent, some people claim that some stations ...

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    Time to slug your way to the office?

    Generally, referring to somebody as a 'slug' isn't likely to be a good way to make new friends. In Virginia, though, being a slug might just be a great way to meet new people while saving some cash. How so? Apparently, 'slugging' refers to catching rides with people you don't know. The goal, of ...

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    Half-naked women or free gas, which gets your attention more?

    click photo to enlargeSo, how can PETA use high gas prices and a concern over global warming to advance a meat-free diet for all? How about through the Lettuce Ladies? As you can probably tell from the picture above and the gallery photos below, Lettuce Ladies are, well, ladies who wear not much ...

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    Stupid hybrid perk: no emissions test

    Hybrids have lots of perks. Many states allow hybrids to use the HOV lane when a single person is driving, park at parking meters without paying and not get ticketed, etc. I support state and local government trying to encourage the use of clean cars. Except the state of Virgina which has a very ...

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    Hampton Roads Transit to swap trolleys for hybrid buses

    Hampton Roads Transit provides mass transit services in the region of Virginia that includes Norfolk, Virginia Beach and several other communities. The company has decided to replace an existing fleet of trolleys in Virginia Beach and battery-powered shuttle buses that run in a loop around downtown ...


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