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    Official: Volvo's Sartre road train's autonomous cars go 50 mph over 120 miles in Spain

    With each new phase of Volvo's Sartre road train project, we get another glimpse into how the fuel-saving technology is evolving. This time, Volvo has tested the technology on public roads in Spain, calling the event "highly successful." Volvo used three vehicles – a XC60, a V60 and a S60 ...

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    Official: Heico Sportiv debuts Volvo V40 mods with bio-diesel racer

    The V40 is a vital product not only for Volvo itself, but also for the tuners that specialize in customizing the Swedish automobiles. See especially, Heico Sportiv. The German tuning firm hinted a few weeks ago at its impending line of accessories for the new sportwagon, and has now followed up ...

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    Report: Volvo will start V60 diesel plug-in hybrid deliveries in Europe by year-end

    If you're European and have a cool $80,000 at your disposal, you probably don't have to worry fuel costs. Volvo would like to give you the option to care about them even less, though, just in case. Across the pond, the Swedish automaker plans to start deliveries of its V60 diesel plug-in hybrid ...

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    Video: Watch Volvo's hybrid semi-truck set a land speed record

    Volvo is taking its Mean Green hybrid truck on U.S. tour for a few months. One of the stops between Toronto Tuck World and the Volvo Ocean Race in Miami was Wendover, UT, to attempt a couple of record-breaking speed runs. Mean Green uses a 16-cylinder engine that puts out 1,900-horsepower, tied ...

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    Official: Volvo cuts European fleetwide emissions by 13% over past two years

    Volvo said it has cut its European fleetwide emissions from its gas- and diesel-powered vehicles by 13 percent during the past few years and is looking to reduce emissions even further starting next year. For the 2013 model year, the Swedish automaker will debut a five-cylinder 2.0-liter, ...

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    Official: Volvo CEO challenges EU, says it's "far too early" to dismiss fossil fuels

    Volvo CEO Stefan Jacoby may be steering a company that is working on plug-in vehicles like the XDC60 plug-in hybrid and the C30 Electric, but he recently told an industry seminar in Brussels that an all-of-the-above approach is the right one. To wit, "It is far too early to dismiss the ...

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    Official: Volvo shoots for 165 mile-per-hour hybrid-truck speed record

    Sometimes, we don't ask why, we just appreciate. That's the attitude we're taking towards "Mean Green," the Volvo truck that the Swedish company is using to try and set the land-speed record for hybrid trucks. And while neither the words "hybrid" or "truck" conjure up images of blazing speed, ...

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    Geneva: 2012 Volvo V40 takes aim at A3, 1 Series

    With the S40 gone and the C30 on its way out the door, Volvo has a few holes in its line that Audi and BMW are happy to fill with the all-new A3 and 1 Series, respectively. Enter the V40, a five-door hatch that's one of the most attractive designs from Sweden since the Ikea Skürg. It's a ...

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    Official: Volvo developing ELVIIS EV charging system to ease payments from any outlet

    Volvo is working with Ericsson and Gothenburg Energy on developing a system in which electric-vehicle drivers can control EV charging levels and make payments for electricity from inside of the car. The companies, who've named the project ELVIIS (Electric Vehicle Intelligent Infra Structure), ...

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    Official: Volvo introduces production V60 diesel plug-in hybrid

    Volvo is laying claim to the first production diesel plug-in hybrid title with the company's new V60. The vehicle makes use of a five-cylinder 2.4-liter turbo diesel engine with 215 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission as well as an electric motor ...

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    Video: Volvo crashes V60 Plug-in Hybrid

    Volvo vehicles keep occupants safe. That's the message the Swedish automaker has pitched for decades now and that sentiment hasn't changed a bit with the introduction of Volvo's electrified vehicles. First, Volvo showed us that its electric-only C30 DRIVe fared exceptionally well in crash tests ...

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    Volvo led European automakers in CO2 reductions in 2010, still trails #1 Fiat

    In its sixth annual analysis, the European Federation for Transport and Environment found that Volvo led all European automakers in CO2 emissions reductions in 2010. The analysis shows that the Swedish automaker reduced its European fleet-wide emissions by nine percent in 2010, while most other ...

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    Technical details on the Volvo C30 electric's motor

    The lovely – though far too pricey for our tastes – Volvo C30 Electric DRIVe will get its motivation from Brusa Elektronik AG-supplied electric motors. Based in Germany, Brusa says its drivetrain systems will power at least 250 – possibly more based upon demand – C30 ...

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    Frankfurt: Volvo details downsized VEA four-cylinder gas and diesel engines

    Swedish automaker Volvo says it will take the "next step towards zero emissions" with the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show unveiling of downsized four-cylinder gas and diesel engines. Peter Mertens, Volvo's senior vice-president of research and development, claims:

    It's time to stop counting ...

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    Video: Volvo teases Concept You ahead of Frankfurt debut

    Swedish automaker Volvo has video teased its Concept You ahead of its 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show debut. Details on the concept are scarce, but Volvo says the vehicle will showcase the automaker's recently announced Volvo Environmental Architecture (VEA) and Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA). ...

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    Video: Fully Charged drives the Volvo V60 diesel plug-in hybrid

    The latest episode of Robert Llewellyn's plug-in-centric show Fully Charged has hit the Internet and this time 'round Llewellyn takes the diesel plug in-hybrid Volvo V60 for a spin. The Europe-only V60 plug-in packs two distinct drivetrains that can operate separately or in tandem. Up front is a ...

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    Volvo, Siemens work together for better electric drive technology

    Swedish automaker Volvo has teamed up with German engineering conglomerate Siemens to jointly advance the development of electric vehicles through an extensive strategic cooperation that will focus on electrical drive technology, electronics and vehicle charging units. The first of Volvo's ...

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    Volvo adding stop-start tech to automatic trans-equipped vehicles

    Volvo is methodically adding stop-start technology to its vehicles equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission over in Europe. The stop-start tech, which initially is only available on vehicles with the 2.0-liter D3 turbodiesel engine, cuts CO2 emission by approximately ten grams per ...

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    Video: Green Overdrive takes a spin in a solar-charged electric Volvo 240

    Solyndra engineer Michael Ahern recently looked on Craigslist for a used Volvo 240. Why? The vehicle – a $150 fixer-upper that's seen better days – was to be the starting point for Ahern's DIY solar-charged electric vehicle project. The 240 began life as a lowly family sedan powered ...

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    Volvo CEO says both plug-ins and fossil-fuel-powered cars can reduce emissions

    The Sweden House is a smart, clean-looking building in Washington, D.C.'s Georgetown district that serves as that country's embassy in the United States. On a hot June morning last week, the House opened its doors to Volvo, Sweden's biggest automaker, for a morning seminar titled Innovation ...


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