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    Report: BYD may be singing electric bus blues on testing, wage issues

    Omaha, we have a problem. BYD, the China-based vehicle maker that's about 10 percent owned by Warren Buffett ("The Oracle of Omaha") is facing questions about the reliability of electric buses that are targeted for use by the city of Long Beach, CA, after cracks were found in some of the buses' ...

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    Report: Moving forward? China rethinking plug-in vehicle policy

    Beijing appears to be rethinking its singular focus on electric vehicles as a way to reduce fuel consumption and seems ready to revise its alternative-energy vehicle estimates as it becomes increasingly evident that the city's electric vehicle targets were completely unrealistic. Beijing ...

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    BYD says 2011 Q1 profit tumbled 84.4%

    Chinese automaker BYD, backed by U.S. billionaire Warren Buffett, says its net profit for the first quarter of 2011 fell 84.4 percent year-on-year. In a filing last Wednesday, BYD reported its 2011 Q1 net profit of 266.74 million yuan ($41.2 million U.S. at the current exchange rate), compared to ...

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    Report: BYD looking to build $200m vehicle, battery plant in Indonesia

    Chinese automaker BYD is reportedly seeking local partners in Indonesia as it looks to construct a $200-million vehicle and battery production facility in the Southeast Asian country. Reuters reports that Indonesia's investment chief revealed that the Warren Buffet-backed automaker has ...

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    WikiLeaks reveals disturbing business practices of Buffett's BYD

    2009 BYD F3DM – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Are Chinese cars nothing more than cheap copies of more successful automakers' products from other parts of the world? That's a question that has been asked rather widely for the last several years as the numbers of large Chinese ...

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    BYD: Want to sell our cars? Sell our light bulbs too!

    China Automaker BYD is in no hurry to launch in the U.S., and it shows in its plan. BYD has been showing cars at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit for three years now, originally planning to launch an electric car by the end of 2012 to consumers. Now that's looking like 2013, ...

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    BYD investor Warren Buffett stil bullish on long-term success of green cars

    With all of the delays and cancellations, you might think that someone who's invested $230 million into BYD would be a little worried. This is not the case with U.S. billionaire Warren Buffett, who told Reuters recently that he expects green cars to provide him with a "sizable profit" in about five ...

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    Bye, bye BYD for Buffett? *UPDATE

    Warren Buffett, who made his billions of dollars through a series of investments, is nothing if not a shrewd businessman. As such, when Buffett makes a move on one of the companies he's invested in, the world stands up and takes notice. Such is the case with Buffett's 10-percent stake in Chinese ...

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    Warren Buffett reportedly rakes in $1B profits on BYD in less than a year

    2009 BYD F3DM - Click above for high-res image gallery
    You don't get to hold the title of The Richest Person in the World – a title oft-owned by either Bill Gates or Warren Buffett at any given time – without knowing how to make sound financial decisions. While not all of Warren ...

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    Warren Buffett's company buys stake in China's BYD

    Warren Buffett is renowned for making money buy investing in companies that he thinks have a some inherent value and holding the stock. So when he or his flagship company Berkshire Hathaway put money down, it's worth taking note. MidAmerican Energy Holdings, which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, ...


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