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    Recharge Wrap-up: VW Golf TDI wins green car award, DC buses might go electric
    BMW i8's Laser Headlight Supplier Revealed; Renault Delivers Kangoo ZE Fleet To Uruguay 1406138580

    The 2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI has won the award for 2014 Northwest Green Car or the Year. The distinction comes from the Northwest Automotive Press Association during its Drive Revolution event in Portland. Co-chairman of the event, Jeff Zurschmeide, says, "Volkswagen has led the diesel passenger ...

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    DC SHOW: Nissan e-NV200 electric van will start FedEx testing in DC

    The electric van test program that Nissan and FedEx announced today at the Washington Auto Show isn't really all that new. After all, FedEx is already testing the all-electric e-NV200 in Singapore, Japan and Germany. The news today is that FedEx will be one of the first companies to test the EV ...

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    DC AUTO SHOW: Nissan will triple number of DC fast chargers in US

    As it has done in Europe, Nissan is forging ahead with putting in DC fast charging stations so people can get many miles into their Leaf electric vehicles in short order. At the Washington Auto Show today, Nissan announced it will work with eVgo to bring 40 Freedom Stations to the DC area, and ...

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    Rush Limbaugh picks on electric cars in wake of D.C. storm. Again.

    Here we go again, folks. Rush Limbaugh, one of the loudest opponents of electric cars in America, has once again spoken out against EVs on his radio show, this time in connection with power outages in Washington, D.C., after a hard-hitting storm swept through the nation's capitol. According to ...

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    Hertz adds Washington D.C. to plug-in vehicle rental program

    Hertz recently announced that its Connect by Hertz plug-in vehicle rental program will soon be offered in Washington, D.C. Hertz will launch the program in the nation's capital by adding the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf to its fleet at Union Station. Mark Frissora, Hertz chairman and chief ...

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    DC 2010: NAS' li-ion battery cost predictions are too high, battery makers say

    During one of the sessions at the Electric Drive Transportation Association meeting here alongside the Washington Auto Show, our friend Felix Kramer from CalCars got an answer to a question that's been on his mind for a while: just how much will large-format lithium-ion batteries cost in five or ...

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    DC 2010: Would a federal diesel tax rebate be in order? Diesel coalition thinks so

    Last year, BorgWarner and Robert Bosch LLC founded the U.S. Coalition for Advanced Diesel Cars. For the first anniversary party, the group is present in the EDTA advanced technology section of the Washington Auto Show to announce three new menbers – Tenneco, Dow Automotive and Umicore ...

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    DC 2010: NRDC gives us some numbers to crunch about why tough standards are a good thing

    Among the gleaming vehicles on the Washington Auto Show floor, there are some policy and discussion sessions happening as well as part of the EDTA Conference. We thought a quick run through a presentation by Roland Hwang, the transportation program director for the Natural Resources Defense ...

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    DC 2010: Nissan Leaf wins Green Car Vision award

    Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Mercedes-Benz F-Cell won the poll we ran in December as the vehicle that should have won the Green Car Journal's Green Car Vision Award, but it was the Nissan Leaf that received that honor today at the Washington Auto Show. The Leaf ...

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    DC 2010: Ford CEO Mulally says "we are going to continue to work with the U.S. government" on energy policy

    Ford Motor Company president and chief executive officer Alan Mulally gave the keynote speech at the Washington Auto Show today, touting Ford's product line-up and "best in class" attitude. What we were interested in, though, was Ford's efforts in making more efficient vehicles – and ...

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    Washington D.C. to be the third retail market for Chevrolet Volt *UPDATE

    2011 Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As General Motors inches ever closer to officially launching production of the Chevrolet Volt this November, the number of markets where it will be available is growing. Following the previous announcements that the extended range ...

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    FastFleet lets Zipcar boost car sharing for cities and fleets

    Zipcar has unveiled a new service that makes carsharing easier to use for government and fleet operators. FastFleet is being rolled out in Washington, D.C. and differs from Zipcar in one big way: clients supply their own vehicles. FastFleet simply allows fleet operators to use Zipcar's wireless, ...

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    Washington 2009: Colin Powell likes the Fisker Karma

    Click above for a high res gallery of Powell's Fisker visit
    There was a bit of a hub-bub around the Fisker Automotive booth yesterday afternoon thanks to the surprise appearance of one Colin Powell. The former four-star general, Secretary of State and WMD fearmonger spent a lot of time with both ...

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    DC Auto Show: Destiny 2000 used to be a Fiero, now it's a solar electric

    There is section of the DC Auto Show, called the Green Car Pavilion, that is intended to highlight alternative fuel vehicles. Before the show officially opens tomorrow, we managed to take a walk around the GCP and saw an interesting collection of vehicles parked there. One was the bright yellow ...

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    So, it's a Volt mule that Wagoner's driving to DC?

    Yesterday, General Motors announced that Rick Wagoner, the company's CEO, would be driving from Detroit to Washington in a Chevy Malibu Hybrid. This is true. But, it's not the whole story. After arriving in the nation's Capitol, Wagoner will ditch the Malibu at GM's Washington offices and hop into ...

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    Which green cars should Detroit execs caravan to Washington in?

    In lieu of taking private jets for their upcoming second visit to Washington, a new suggestion has recently been made: caravan to the nation's capitol in next-gen, fuel efficient cars. As far as being green goes, perhaps the only better option would be to carpool together, and since we can't see ...

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    Green Transportation Expo coming to Washington, D.C. Thursday

    The Green the Capitol Office will host a Green "Transportation" Expo on October 25 from 11 a.m. to 3P p.m. The event will take place at two locations: inside the Cannon Caucus Room, on the third floor of the Cannon Building, and outside on 1st Street, between the Cannon Building and the Library of ...

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    Ford Edge HySeries Drive spotted ahead of the DC Auto Show

    Following the unveiling of the Airstream concept at the just concluded Detroit Auto Show, a Ford spokesman informed me that the drive-train of the concept had already been tested in an Edge, and promised me a drive. Unfortunately, the first opportunity popped up last week just before they shipped ...

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    Saturn Provides Environmental Focus and Fun to Washington D.C. Consumers

    If you're in the Washington, DC area October 26-29, 2006, you may want to go check out the Saturn Greenhouses. Saturn will be sponsoring three special environmental displays in conjunction with the Marine Corps Marathon. The greenhouses will be set up at Union Station, the Reagan Building and the ...

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    Use less gas everyone. Seriously

    Cindy over at Domestic Fuel lets rip a little bit of a rant, and it’s good that she did. Her anger or frustration at the “all hat no cattle” public personas of our supposed leaders on sustainability issues is warranted and timely, what with Hastert’s recent fake photo op (is ...


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