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    Report: Washington State governor signs pro-Tesla bill

    Maybe Tesla should build its proposed gigafactory in the Evergreen State. Last week, Washington Govermor Jay Inslee signed a bill that will allow Tesla to keep selling its electric vehicles through its showrooms and not have to work through third-party dealerships, Automotive News says. That ...

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    Official: This Seattle-area Nissan Leaf owner has already put 100,000 miles on his EV

    It's not quite in the so-indestructible-its-engine-can-take-a-bullet territory of a classic Dodge Dart, but Steve Marsh's Nissan Leaf has been put through a long-distance wringer. The Washington State driver has surpassed the 100,000-mile mark with his electric vehicle, getting kudos from ...

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    Report: Build it and they will come: I-5 corridor EV fast charge stations getting lots of use

    Washington State plug-in vehicle charging stations along Interstate 5 are getting used more than twice as much as they were a year ago, the Associated Press says, citing a study from the Washington State Department of Transportation. In September, the state's 14 fast-charging stations along I-5 ...

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    Report: Tesla Model S fire subject of unofficial NHTSA investigation

    It looks like the feds are going to finally look into that Tesla Model S car-b-que near Seattle. Earlier this week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it may start an investigation into why that metal object that struck a Model S in Kent, Washington (about 20 miles south of ...

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    Report: One Nissan Leaf driver puts on 78,000 miles in two years

    One Pacific Northwest driver has put enough miles on his Nissan Leaf electric vehicle during the last two years to make him a prime candidate for world's most-used Leaf owner. Plug In Cars says owner Steve Marsh has put a whopping 78,000 miles on his Leaf, recharging the car with a combination ...

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    Video: Washington State, Ecotality lags far behind EV charging station goal

    Washington State is trying to be one of the leading states for both electric-vehicle adoption and charging-station availability. Trouble is, the state is about 75 percent behind on the public charging-station goal it set for the end of 2011, Seattle-based King 5 reports in the video ...

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    Report: Washington State may impose $124 fine on EV spot stealers

    Park your gas-powered car in an electric-vehicle-designated spot in the Emerald State and you could find yourself Cashless in Seattle. The Washington State legislature has approved a bill that would impose a $124 fine on conventional-vehicle drivers busted for parking in spots slated for plug-in ...

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    Report: AAA brings first fast-charging roadside assistance truck to Seattle

    Sleepless in Seattle? Sure. Helpless in Seattle? Not if you're a plug-in vehicle driver with AAA. Washington State's largest city was the recipient of the first Level 3 roadside EV-charging truck from the American Automobile Association, Plug In Cars reports. AAA estimates that the emergency ...

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    Official: GM opposes Washington State's proposed electric vehicle fee that has "no merit"

    General Motors has gone on record to oppose a Washington State bill that would impose a fee of $100 per year on electric-vehicle drivers. GM Regional Director Howard Lenox, Jr. wrote a letter on March 6 to Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire stating that the automaker, which makes the ...

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    Report: Washington State senate passes $100 annual fee for electric vehicles

    Washington State's senate has passed a bill that would impose an annual fee of $100 to electric-vehicle drivers in an effort to compensate for the gas taxes that EV drivers don't pay, the Associated Press reported. The fee, which doesn't apply to hybrids or neighborhood-electric vehicles, will ...

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    State of Washington to establish charging corridor along U.S. Route 2

    U.S. Route 2 highlighted in red
    The Washington Department of Commerce, together with the State Department of Transportation, has announced plans to transform the Stevens Pass Greenway section of U.S. Route 2 into the country's first electrified National Scenic Byway. With funds from the Federal ...

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    Interstate-5 in Washington to become "electric highway"?

    The state of Washington is hoping to turn the interstate 5 corridor that runs from Canadian border to Oregon into the nation's first electric highway. With the help of a $1.32 million federal grant, Washington hopes to install between seven and 10 so-called Level 3 electric vehicle charging ...

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    Washington State farmers experiment with canola as biodiesel cash crop

    Farmers in Washington State are experimenting with canola for biodiesel production as a new cash crop to supplement existing diary or vegetable crop income. Conditions in Snohomish County, which boasts cool temperatures, moist sea air and good soils, are proving to be so ideal for canola growing ...

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    NEVs may get more speed in Washington State

    Click on the photo for a high res gallery from the AEV factory tourHere are AutoblogGreen, we've done several reports on various neighborhood electric vehicles such as the various models from GEM and a factory visit to American Electric Vehicle that included a drive in their Kurrent. These NEVs ...

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    Biodiesel producer pollutes in Washington State

    When you’re driving around in certain biodiesel vehicles, one of the strongest emissions is the smell of fried food. While biodiesel vehicles themselves don’t put out as many nasty pollutants as regular diesel or gasoline engines, the biodiesel production process is not as clean, as a ...


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