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water use

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    Official: Ford reduces water use in vehicle assembly by 10.6 billion gallons

    Ford is reducing its water use much faster than expected, and touting the achievement with another infographic. During 2012, the global automaker achieved an 8.5 percent reduction in the amount of water used to make its vehicles, putting Ford more than halfway toward its target of using an ...

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    Official: Ford wants to dry up water use by 30% by 2015

    There's a surprising amount of water in pretty much everything – first-gen biofuels, anyone? – and Ford thinks it makes sense to get some of that precious liquid out of the process of making vehicles. Thirty percent, to be exact. That's the target that Ford recently set for global ...

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    Ingreenuity is Poet's way to make ethanol more environmentally friendly

    Ethanol company Poet (formerly Broin) today announced something called Ingreenuity, a "new initiative to enhance the environmental performance of ethanol." The first step in the process is to decrease the amount of water it takes to make the biofuel down to 2.33 gallons per gallon of ethanol, a 22 ...

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    Would a hydrogen economy be good or bad for the water supply in the U.S.?

    Honda FCX Clarity - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Trying to predict the numbers that will define the hydrogen economy are anybody's guess. And guess people will, because it leads to great headlines like, "Will Hydrogen Power Suck the Lakes Dry?" What are some of those numbers? The ...


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