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    Video: Hollywood stars drink hydrogen B-Class F-Cell emission water in Death Valley [UPDATE]

    A plug-in electric vehicle can be used to power a house during a winter storm, but if you're more worried about the heat of, say, Death Valley, then maybe you'll want a Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell along. That's the message of a new video from Daimler and starring Diane Kruger (Inglourious ...

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    Official: Ford reduces water use in vehicle assembly by 10.6 billion gallons

    Ford is reducing its water use much faster than expected, and touting the achievement with another infographic. During 2012, the global automaker achieved an 8.5 percent reduction in the amount of water used to make its vehicles, putting Ford more than halfway toward its target of using an ...

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    Video: Honda uses hydro power because "Every Drop Counts"

    A little water power can pull about seven gas-powered cars off the road. That's the gist of an effort by Honda to cut emissions by equipping a plant with a little hydro-electric power plant. The Japanese automaker outlined its recent efforts in a two-minute video with the tagline "every drop ...

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    Report: Ampera video will be shown on temporary water screen in UK

    Some say the Vauxhall Ampera extended-range plug-in can do amazing things, but we're pretty sure the sister vehicle to the Chevrolet Volt can't float on water. That's what the U.S. model is for. Across the pond, General Motors' UK Vauxhall is making a different kind of association between ...

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    Official: Driving a hydrogen car on a hot day? Drink the exhaust for refreshment

    Here's an interesting way to look at hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, courtesy of the California Fuel Cell Partnership. In a new blog update, the CaFCP says, "Nothing like a little exhaust from a fuel cell electric vehicle ... water so clean you can drink it." Well, that's the picture text, any, the ...

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    Official: Ford's sustainability efforts include big energy consumption drop

    Ford may be taking small steps when it comes to electric-vehicle sales, but it says it's taking leaps in other areas of environmental protection. In its 13th annual sustainability report, Ford said that it reduced energy use per vehicle by 22 percent in the past six years and will cut energy ...

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    Official: Ford will cut landfill waste, water use at Europe factories

    Ford Motor Co. said it will cut landfill waste from its European factories by 70 percent and reduce water use by 30 percent within five years, all part of a plan the U.S. automaker has to cut its overall environmental footprint. The water reduction alone – 1.3 billion liters a year, or ...

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    Video: WaveJet is personal water propulsion powered by batteries

    Some call it a powered surfboard, we call it an innovative water propulsion system. Technically, WaveJet is a patented Personal Water Propulsion (PWP) engine designed for use in a range of watercraft, including surfboards, kayaks, kiteboards and light boats. Powered by an integrated ...

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    Report: Ratan Tata pours $15M into project researching water as fuel

    The lure of extracting hydrogen from water in a somewhat real-time fashion in sufficient quantities to power an automobile has so far been a complete dead-end pursuit. One of the biggest problems is that it takes more energy to release the hydrogen from its water-tight bonds than is actually ...

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    EPA testing green pavement to clean rainwater runoff

    Green pavement? What's so exciting about that? If I wanted to test out some green pavement, all I'd need to do is make a run to the local Home Depot, pick up a can of green paint and dump it outside my driveway, right? Well, that's not exactly what we're talking about here, of course. But just ...

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    Biodiesel's water footprint? 14,000 liters per liter of biofuel

    We recently heard that, according to one group of researchers at Environmental Science & Technology magazine, corn ethanol has a water cost of 50 gallons per mile. Now, a team working from the University of Twente in the Netherlands has calculated the water cost of ethanol and other biofuels ...

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    So sayeth Popular Mechanics: HHO systems do not work

    We've had our share of posts on on-board hydrogen-generating engines over the past few years, and I'm sure there will be many more. The truth is that water engine hype will always need to confront reality from time to time. When it does, the results are not pretty. Coast To Coast AM wasn't fooled, ...

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    PHEVs could potentially drain our water supplies - or not

    It takes water to drive your car. Not in the sense that your car is powered by water, but in the sense that our power plants in the U.S. often use steam for either cooling or to power turbines. In fact, at 195 billion gallons of water consumed per day, power generation is second only to irrigation ...

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    Why boaters hate ethanol

    Photo: Flickr/lemoncat1 -- Creative Commons 2.0"BOATERS BEWARE" is how a Portland, Oregon's local news KGW NewsChannel 8 report begins. What's the big threat? E10, which is gasoline blended with just ten percent ethanol. It seems, the report says and AutoblogGreen readers will remember, that when ...

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    Cool videos: MIT ethanol injection hybrid, Japanese hydrogen water engine

    Do you think the future of green engines is just flex-fuels, hybrids or fuel cells? Can you imagine a future with engines that have ethanol turbo-like injection or use steam super-heated by hydrogen? These engines are in the lab today. The video above is a look at a hybrid ethanol injection engine ...

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    Are biofuels using too much water?

    According to Sunita Narain, the head of the Centre for Science and Environment in India, biofuels are "good as an idea, bad in practice." She insists that instead of making more biofuels, we should be concerning ourselves with how to use less fuel in general. The problem that she cites is one not ...

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    Current nuclear technology will not help if climate continues to heat up

    Many politicians and others have promoted nuclear power as a means of addressing climate change since reactors emit no greenhouse gases or noxious pollutants. Setting aside for the moment the issue of what do with radioactive waste (by no means a trivial issue) there are other issues with nuclear ...

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    First tortilla prices, now water shortages? More ethanol costs

    We've already seen corn prices on the rise as demand rises thanks to more of the grain being diverted to ethanol production. As the population of both the United States and the planet continues to rise, the demand for fresh water goes up with it. Unfortunately ethanol production and climate change ...

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    Voller runs prototype fuel-cell on compressed natural gas

    Voller Energy, a developer and manufacturer of portable fuel-cell systems, has announced that they have successfully assembled and demonstrated the operation of a complete and totally self-contained prototype fuel-cell system which can be run on compressed natural gas (CNG/LPG) or propane. Voller ...

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    Ford Missing the Small Stuff

    In the past week there has been a lot of discussion of Ford and their newly accelerated Way Forward. Ford Motor Company is in serious financial trouble and has to dramatically cut spending. In recent years Bill Ford himself has also been very vocal about wanting Ford to be more environmentally ...


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