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    Official: White House responds to Tesla petition, declines to act

    If you've been holding your breath whilst waiting for the White House to respond to the We The People petition asking that Tesla be allowed to sell direct to consumers in all 50 states, you can finally exhale and simultaneously sigh – it has, at last, issued a statement about its intention ...

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    Official: Tesla petition hits 100,000 signatures; will official response follow?

    It may not mean much in the long term (the White House has a history of dismissing some of the We The People petitions), but the Tesla-backed grassroots petition asking the federal government to "allow Tesla Motors to sell directly to consumers in all 50 states" has hit the required 100,000 ...

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    Report: Pro-Tesla Motors petition asks White House for direct-sales permission

    In what could be an important step in taking Tesla Motors' fight with various state auto dealer organizations nationwide, a grassroots petition is calling on the White House to let Tesla Motors sell cars directly to customers. The petition was started by a "K.S." in Stow, MA (CNET identifies him ...


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